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   Tuesday, January 05, 2010 ··· 10:47:58 AM
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OS = Best of Opposite Sex BW = Best of Winners
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Judge: Mrs. Sue Goldberg (NCKC-Thu)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(3/3) 2-(13/17) 3-(22/30) 4-(34/53) 5-(55/97)
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). Puppy 6 to 9 Month Dogs.
1/W/BW 5 JO-LI DAVARON REGINALD. SR49429404 5/10/2008. Breeder: Judith Jarfas. By Ch. Dickendall Davaron Gable/ JoLi's Starbel of Aaron. OWNER: Mrs. Judith Jarfas (Agent: Melissa Cornell).
2 27 SENTINEL OAK'S DANCES WITH TOADS. SR48819304 4/4/2008. Breeder: William Baker. By Sunnybrook Tiger Hawk/ Windswept Frivolous Gal. OWNER: Mr. William Baker
1/RW 33 TABLEAU'S TITANIUM. SR16866901 4/25/2004. Breeder: Ellen C. Shearer & Sara Shearer. By Trendmaker's Tycoon/ Tableau's No Doubt. OWNER: Ellen C. Shearer
3 19 HOPBROOK'S HOME RUN. SR41705101 4/18/2007. Breeder: Beth & Lawrence Schweitzer. By Ch. Windfall's Pipe Major/ Hopbrook's Hot To Trot. OWNER: Beth Schweitzer (Agent: Sara Gregware, AKC).
1 23 MILLMAR'S CONSTANT MOTION. SR41589803 3/14/2007. Breeder: June Marie Miller. By Ch. Millmar's Eastern High Lites/ Ch. BNB's Regards to Millmar, RN. OWNER: June Marie Miller (Agent: Karen Mammano, AKC,PHA).
2 25 CABIN CREEK DIESEL UP LABSLANDING. SR42442805 2/19/2007. Breeder: Catherine Greene & Camilla Adams. By Ch. Shadow Brook's Just Ducky/ Ch. Camelot's Jet Adore, NJP. OWNER: Beth Shaffer
4 37 CHOCORUA'S RIPTIDE. SR32654101 12/6/2005. Breeder: Marion Lyons & Pam Leslie. By Mardas Corn Barley/ Ch. Hillside's Sarah From Chocorua, CD, JH. OWNER: Marion Lyons (Agent: Norman J. Grenier).
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). Puppy 6 to 9 Month Bitches.
1 18 SENTINEL OAK'S RUNS TOO MUCH. SR48819302 4/4/2008. Breeder: William Baker. By Sunnybrook Tiger Hawk/ Windswept Frivolous Gal. OWNER: Mr. William Baker
2 36 KRESLAND'S THAT OLD BLACK MAGIC AT P3. SR49225202 4/6/2008. Breeder: Susan C. Patrick. By Ch. Beechcroft Harpocan Maverick/ Kresland Mountain Sassafras. OWNER: Mrs. Rebekah Loveless
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). 12 - 18 Month Bitches.
1 10 BROOKLYN'S SHAYNA MAYDELA. SR46388601 9/8/2007. Breeder: Mickie Beerman & Linda Pensabene. By Ch. Brighton Sandledge Humpfrey/ Brighton Sandledge Humpfrey. OWNER: Mickie Beerman and Linda Pensabene (Agent: Kathy Mines, AKC).
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). Bred By Exhibitor Bitches.
1/RW 8 AUGUSTUS STONEHILL SUZIE QT. SR31059801 10/28/2005. Breeder: M.Kobis, J.Duca, S. Podjeko. By Ch. Corona Joe at Stone Hill/ Wiscoy's BlueMoon on the Rise CDX, RN, JH. OWNER: Ms. Mary Kobis and Stephanie Podjeko
A 12 WINDSWEPT GERALDINE'S FOLEY. SR34333501 5/2/2006. Breeder: Gail A. Rathbun. By Lochiels Umpleby At Windswept/ Frnklin Hill Abi of Windswept. OWNER: Gail A. Rathbun
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). Open Bitches, Black.
1/W/OS 16 BROAD REACH BRAMBLES DREAM GIRL. SR38456601 10/12/2006. Breeder: Allen F. Voshell, Jr.. By Ch. Boradors By George/ Legacy's Broad Reach Smutt. OWNER: Jody S. Laseter
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). Open Bitches, Yellow.
1 20 MILLMAR'S JUSTINTIME AT LOMALANE, JH. SR41589804 3/14/2007. Breeder: June Marie Miller. By Ch. Millmar's Eastern High Lites/ Ch. BNB's Regard's To Millmar. OWNER: Wilma P. Gottlieb and Mary Glazer (Agent: Sara Gregware, AKC).
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR). Open Bitches, Chocolate.
1 28 KRESLAND'S CHARMED ONE. SR41861601 3/29/2007. Breeder: Susan Patrick. By Endless Mt. Polo at Kresland/ Pinecrest Cracklin' Rose. OWNER: Mrs. Rebekah Loveless
RETRIEVERS (LABRADOR), Best of Breed/Variety Competition
C 15 ROCKYCREEK ITS ABOUT TIME, JH. SR13534002 9/18/2003. Breeder: Kathryn A. Mines & Geraldine Mines. By Tormentil Labradale Primetime/ Rockycreek's Knight Thyme, CD.Dog. OWNER: Kathryn A. Mines and Geraldine Mines (Obed#: 111)
B 17 CH. WINDSWEPT STORM TRACKER. SR26296401 5/23/2005. Breeder: Adrienne Moore. By Ch. Dickendall Davaron Gable/ Ch. Ridge View Windswept Snofall.Dog. OWNER: Mrs. Elaina Zgrabik and Judith Ridilla (Agent: Tim Terella).
C 29 CH. GLENERIES GREAT HUNTER ORION. SR28987702 9/8/2005. Breeder: Edward & Cynthia Noll. By Ch. Lubberline Martingale/ Glenerie's Black Magic.Dog. OWNER: Richard & Sherrie Snyder and Ed & Cindy Noll (Agent: Norman J. Grenier).