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   Thursday, November 20, 2008 ··· 12:56:59 PM
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Best Junior Handler

1/BJH 8 CH. PAW PAWS HIGH FLYING FALCON. NM931040/01 12/17/2001. Breeder: Diana S. Balderson. By Ch. Paw Paws Fox/ Ch. Tibroke's Weezer Of Paw Paws. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Meagan M. LaMendola Junior Handler: ?Meagan M. LaMendola (19900205001)

Judge: Ms. Patricia Anne Keenan (CNYKC-Sat)
3 6 RYNWARDS SARAH VAUGHN. WS13664801 6/22/2005. Breeder: Kathryn L. Edwards. By Ch. Skidoo's Wild Card/ Rynwards Ella Fitzgerald. BOXERS. OWNER: Mrs. Sylvia Soules and Ms. Kathryn Edwards Junior Handler: ?Quentin Soules (14398946002) (Conf#: 6)
2 11 HEAVENLY'S GUARDIAN ANGELENA. TR50616301 5/20/2006. Breeder: Barbara Hossler, William Hossler. By Ch. Eis Baer's Prince Of Cameron/ Halfmoon's Halley's Comet. CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS. OWNER: Ford Hossler and Lisa Cayo-Hossler Junior Handler: ?Ford Hossler (76992136005) (Conf#: 16)
JUDG 21 GOLDENWILLOW TINY DANCER. TR65100401 3/15/2007. Breeder: Mary Fontana & Diane Zdrodowski. By Ch. Gray Stone Karlee's Ambrose/ Evanlake Hello Goodbye. CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS. OWNER: Ms. Mary Fontana Junior Handler: ?Catherine Morba (27815292005) (Conf#: 32)
1 24 CH. HEARTHSIDE HOWLYN SUNDANCE. DN018482/03 12/2/2002. Breeder: Hunter Atkinson. By Ch. Howlyn Up Close N'Personal/ Ebbtide Just a Smudge, NA, NAJ. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Ms. Linda Howell Junior Handler: ?Lauren Hull (10519261001)
A 26 ALPINE HIGHWAY TO HEAVEN. NP13171901 4/15/2006. Breeder: Shannon Gonnella. By Graywerth's High Roller/ Alpine Snowstar Walk Of Fame. AMERICAN ESKIMO DOGS. OWNER: Shannon Gonnella Junior Handler: ?Michaela Lamphere (43553671001) (Conf#: 12)
1 20 CH. GIN DIC'S THE DECISION O' SILVAN. HP06875207 8/26/2003. Breeder: V. Lemieux, M. L. Kiefhaber & S. Handlosser. By Ch. Gin Dic's Busy Man/ Silvan Lilly Of The Field. BASSET HOUNDS. OWNER: Virginia Lemieux and Morgan L. Kiefhaber Junior Handler: ?Laura L. Kiefhaber (28195971004)
A 22 GOLDENWILLOW BENNIE AND JETS. TR65100402 3/15/2007. Breeder: Mary Fontana & Diane Zdrodowski. By Ch. Gray Stone Karlee's Ambrose/ Evanlake Hello Goodbye. CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS. OWNER: Ms. Mary Fontana Junior Handler: ?Caroline Morba (69409758007) (Conf#: 17)
2 36 WINDKISTANZI'SLUIGITHELOVER. HP23863405 11/11/2006. Breeder: Leah Bertgnolli. By Ch. Windkist Lanbur Be Cool/ Ch. Windkist Afternoon Delight. BEAGLES. OWNER: Mr. Stephano Anzalone and Wendy Anzalone Junior Handler: ?Stephano Anzalone (78086145002) (Conf#: 7)
1 38 FREEDOM'S LADY OF CASULL. TR61901204 1/27/2007. Breeder: Linda M. Freed. By Ch. WooWoo Achy Braky Heart/ Freedom's Magic Moment. PUGS. OWNER: Mrs. Annie Sullivan and Cassi Sullivan Junior Handler: ?Cassi Sullivan (46829870002) (Conf#: 30)
1 27 V. DROEVESTEIN'S CRACKER JACK. WS17629601 10/21/2005. Breeder: Bianca Werne. By Ch. Lucifer Ragtime of the Axefield/ V. Droevestein's Anouk Son Amon. ST. BERNARDS. OWNER: Carolyn Ertle and Daniel Ertle Junior Handler: ?Rachel Ertle (54335594004) (Conf#: 17)
3 30 NONNIES JUST IN CASE. SR43834001 10/24/2006. Breeder: Vicki Umpleby. By Especially Carnab y Carsrae/ Nonnies Merrymayer Betsy. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Susan Emerson and Vicki Umpleby Junior Handler: ?Susan Emerson (98837638001) (Conf#: 8)
2 33 CH. MELMAR PARTY LINE. NP01693106 9/29/2002. Breeder: Mary and Harold Hartman. By Ch. Dragonhold Party of Five/ Ch. Lorac Ambrier Crown Jewel. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Miss Colleen Longley and Mary and Harold Hartman Junior Handler: ?Colleen Longley (38538413001)
4 42 CH. DEVITA'S SPLASH OF BORA BORA. TR56783501 8/30/2006. Breeder: Ruthelle Viall & Claudia DeVita. By Ch. DeVita's Mimosa W/A Twist/ Ch. Erinova Paws For Applause O'Jen. HAVANESE. OWNER: Ruthellen Viall and Claudia DeVita Junior Handler: ?Roger P. Krieger (99910645001)
C 43 CANAMI SUPERNOVA. DN09932201 12/25/2004. Breeder: Erin Schaefer & Jane Baldwin. By Ch. GrandGables Black Street Boy/ Canami's First Love. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Tracy Carter and Erin Davis Junior Handler: ?Emily Carter (19960328001) (Conf#: 33)
4 7 TRIDEL'S LAST TANGO V DIAMAS. WS18464107 5/30/2006. Breeder: Karen Van Brummelen & Kathrine King. By Ch. Triadel's Hot Vanilla/ Ch. Kings Black Orchid V Diamas. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. OWNER: Janet Schultz and Kailey Schultz Junior Handler: ?Kailey Schultz (19931029001) (Conf#: 7)
3 9 SOMERSET STONEMEDOLEADR OF THE BAND. DN08009307 6/8/2004. Breeder: Mary Cummings, Kelly Rauschmeier, Tony Corrita. By Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man/ Eagle Vally's Andromeda. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. OWNER: Mary Cummings and K. Rauschmeier, R. Little Junior Handler: ?Carenza Rosa (99495294005)
C 12 BENT MTNS LANDSLIDE. HP05820702 1/25/2003. Breeder: Gregory M. Wroblewski. By Ch. CJ's Greatest Show On Earth/ Bihar's Ruthless Of Bent Mtn. PETITS BASSETS GRIFFONS VENDEENS. OWNER: Evelyn L. Pfeiffer and John F. Phillips III Junior Handler: ?John F. Phillips (40298437004)
A 13 CH. VOM RAGUS RAY OF LIGHT. DL90666202 3/7/2002. Breeder: Nina M. Despres. By Ch. Jim Vom Fiemereck/ Ironwood's Porsche Vom Ragus. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. OWNER: Christopher Martin and Nina M. Despres Junior Handler: ?Christopher Martin (19940412005)
C 14 HORIZON'S CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. DN01301208 8/2/2002. Breeder: Marcia Stiger. By Ch. Briarbrooks Full Speed Ahead, PT/ Ch. Kaleidoscopes Bit Of Heaven. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Ms. Caitlyn Weinert and Helena McNeil Junior Handler: ?Caitlyn Weinert (50242794003) (Conf#: 19)
C 15 CH. SUDDON FOX CHARMED. RN06439401 6/19/2004. Breeder: Susan Foster & Joleen Foster. By Ch. Laroz Yah Baby/ Ch. Sudden Fox It's A Girl Thing. FOX TERRIERS (SMOOTH). OWNER: Susan Foster and Joleen Foster Junior Handler: ?Joleen Foster (19921206002)
C 16 BRIARPATCH GREAT BALL O'FIRE, NA, NAJ. SN804539/01 12/15/2000. Breeder: Mary Frances Beardsley. By Rosewynde's Magic Carpet Ride/ Ch. Briarpatch Shining Star. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Elizabeth Brate and Patricia Stevens-Brate Junior Handler: ?Lizzy Brate (19940407002)
C 18 CH. OAK DALE'S LAS VEGAS. DN05729401 12/14/2003. Breeder: Sandy Detrick & Jon Gibbs. By Ch. Shield Crest Nevada/ Ch. Oak Dale's Dream Maker. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Sandy Detrick and Jon Gibbs, Kelly Reppert Junior Handler: ?Kelly Reppert (88983608003)
A 29 CH. QUAILFIELD'S WHO IT MAY CONCERN. SR23358203 9/13/2004. Breeder: Patricia Nagel & Mary Burr. By Ch. Quailfield Mak'N Business/ Quailfield's Who's Kidd'n who. SETTERS (IRISH). OWNER: Patricia Nagel Junior Handler: ? () (Conf#: 18)
C 31 BREATHNACH CANAMI FULL TILT. DN03419004 4/22/2003. Breeder: Kaitlin Huff. By Ch. Canami Ultrablack/ Breathnach Frozen Rain. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Stuart Inzinna Junior Handler: ?Stuart Inzinna (21668170001) (Conf#: 26)
2 32 CH. WESTVIEW SANDHILL NEXT APPRENTICE. NP11680902 8/20/2005. Breeder: Michelle Maynard & Connie Buckland. By Ch. Bio Bios Modern Talking/ Ch. Ambriew Westview Sandhill Cholla. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Miss Heather Longley and Chrystine Longley Junior Handler: ?Heather Longley (19940507001)
C 35 EPICS BEST N BLUE SHOWBIZ. NM93991602 10/20/2002. Breeder: Janice J. Sayce & Kathi Lese. By Ch. Epics Blu Prez'nt From Wapast/ C'Skye's First Lady Lilac at Epic. CHINESE SHAR-PEI. OWNER: Mrs. Brenda L. Cook and Kayleigh Cornelius Junior Handler: ?Kayleigh Cornelius (51625006001) (Conf#: 16)
1 39 CH. SIGNET'S FIRST CLASS TRAVLER. DN03141305 3/31/2003. Breeder: R. Tehon, C. Ardizzone, L. Jescewski. By Ch. Signet's Twice is Nice/ Ch. Highcroft Collairine Latte. COLLIES. OWNER: Michael Esch and Teresa Esch, C Ardizzone Junior Handler: ?Bree Anne Ardizzone (19921230001)
C 41 WHINDANCER CRAZY LITTLE THING CALLED LUV. RN11750501 4/24/2006. Breeder: Susan Ratliffe & Art Miller. By Windisle Don Hugo/ Ch. Whindancer Lucky Bounce. SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIERS. OWNER: Susan Ratliffe and Art Miller, Abby Kochan Junior Handler: ?Abby Kochan (78425502004) (Conf#: 20)
1/BJH 8 CH. PAW PAWS HIGH FLYING FALCON. NM931040/01 12/17/2001. Breeder: Diana S. Balderson. By Ch. Paw Paws Fox/ Ch. Tibroke's Weezer Of Paw Paws. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Meagan M. LaMendola Junior Handler: ?Meagan M. LaMendola (19900205001)
C 10 LORRCBROOK KINDRED SAVANNAH. HP15594001 4/4/2005. Breeder: Brenda Malick. By Ch. Chorche Wizard Of The Wind/ Kindred Fire From Cherche. WHIPPETS. OWNER: Star Utter and Jenny McCartney Junior Handler: ?Star Utter (51651610003) (Conf#: 8)
A 17 LORDS EASTWINDS QUEEN SALEEN. WS19191002 9/1/2006. Breeder: Barbare Wiemers & Mitchell Wiemers. By Ch. Ridgerunner Spanking Good Time/ Madigan's Flaming Hera. MASTIFFS. OWNER: Barbara Wiemers and M Wiemers, J Shea & Nancy Junior Handler: ?Mitchell A. Wiemers (000001) (Conf#: 14)
4 34 CH. CHATEAU BLANC I'M COYOTE TROUBLE, RE, TD, HT, NJP, NAP. DN10543701 3/4/2005. Breeder: Carlyn Draneas & Janina Laurin. By Ch. Starwind's Indiana Jones/ Ch. Chateau Blanc's Diva, CDX, PT, OA, OAJ. BELGIAN TERVUREN. OWNER: Kate Eldredge and Janina Laurin Junior Handler: ?Kate Eldredge (19901222001) (Conf#: 14)
A 37 RISINGSTARS PICASSO MOON. DN14537404 5/21/2006. Breeder: Sarah Bowdish. By Ch. Elite's Sailing on Sunshine/ Ch. Risingstar's Sweet Serenity. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Charlene Higgins and Sarah A. Bowdish Junior Handler: ?Charlene Higgins (81506626005) (Obed#: 24)
2 40 CH. SOUTHERN THIS KISS. SR12920201 10/26/2003. Breeder: Tina McDonnell. By Ch. Solivia's Alpha Aquarii, JH/ Ch. PNR Carolina in My Mind, JH. POINTERS. OWNER: Ms. Kristen Eisenbraun and Tina McDonnell Junior Handler: ?Kristen Eisenbraun (19901013005)
3 46 CAPTIVA'S TURN BACK TIME. PL951074 6/5/2004. Breeder: Jill Taylor. By Ch. Captiva's Ride With The Wind/ Ch. Captiva's Driftwood Fougere Ruby. SETTERS (IRISH). OWNER: Mike & Cindy Kerr and Kelly Rauschmeier Junior Handler: ?Kelly Rauschmeier (9920705001) (Conf#: 28)