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   Friday, May 22, 2009 ··· 9:30:05 AM
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RW = Reserve Winner W  = Winner
OS = Best of Opposite Sex BW = Best of Winners
A  = Absent B  = Best of Breed
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^ Regular Classes
Judge: Mr. Joseph E. Gregory (WVKC-Sat)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/2) 2-(5/5) 3-(7/8) 4-(9/9) 5-(12/12)
2 5 CARBOR SMOKE AND MIRRORS. RN12450002 11/2/2006. Breeder: Carla Borrelli. By Ch. Carbor Right Wing/ Ch. Carbor Lightning Strikes Twice. OWNER: Carla Borrelli
1/W/BW 11 EVALILL EXPLORER. RN15655302 10/19/2006. Breeder: Eva Monsen. By Ch. Evalill Esset/ Evalill Emerald Isle. OWNER: Ms. Eva Monsen
A 7 SENSATIONS MAN IN BLACK. RN07324401 3/12/2004. Breeder: Irene Wessler. By Skansen's Tod V Thank You/ Sensations' Tumi Littlefriend. OWNER: Irene Wessler (Agent: Colin Brownlee).
1/RW 17 YANGA'S ROYAL KING (MEX). FCMP0598P 11/8/2006. Breeder: Octavio Martinez. By Ch. Sterling' El Charro De Yangas/ Yanga's Tlazolteotl. OWNER: Octavio Martinez (Agent: Drobel Rojas).
MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. Puppy 9 to 12 Month Bitches.
1/RW 6 BELLA N ADLIGEN LUMINOUS COMET. RN13613002 3/14/2007. Breeder: Pamela Wegman, Harriet Meschi. By Ch. Blythwood N Bella Cayenne/ Bella's Heaven Cent Fortune. OWNER: Mr. Timothy Leto II
MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. American Bred Bitches.
1/W/OS 8 SUMERWYND SPACED OUT. RN11914901 7/23/2006. Breeder: Joan Pine. By Ch. Wardscreeks Rocket Man/ Ch. Sumerwynd Lanbrook Cha Cha. OWNER: Wade Bogart
A 10 ESSEX RIVERSONG TALK OUT LOUD. RN10618701 1/19/2006. Breeder: Sheila Marks. By Tejas Grounds for Divorce/ Ch. Royalcourt Cafe Royale. OWNER: Vicki Kubic and Sheila Marks
MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS, Best of Breed/Variety Competition
B 9 CH. SUMERWYND STIFF COMPETITION. RN08768001 6/21/2005. Breeder: Wade Bogart. By Ch. Sumerwynd Romeo Of Char N G/ Ch. Sumerwynd Sunshine.Dog. OWNER: Wade Bogart and Carole Weinberger
C 15 CH. MARKWORTH WHISTLE-JACKET. RN12802903 10/9/2006. Breeder: Martin G. Marks. By Ch. Regency's Twist N Turn/ Ch. Markworth Night Patrol.Dog. OWNER: Mr. Martin Marks
C 19 CH. HOWARD'S REX OF THE WHITE HOUSE. RN09230004 8/27/2005. Breeder: Robin & Tom White Patti & Harvey Howard. By Ch.,Marki's Tattletail V Galena/ Ch. Howard's True Grit.Dog. OWNER: Robin White and T. White, P. & H. Howard (Agent: Santiago Pinto).