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Best Junior Handler

1/BJH 37 HORIZON'S CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. DN01301208 8/2/2002. Breeder: Marcia Stiger. By Ch. Briarbrooks Full Speed Ahead, PT/ Ch. Kaleidoscopes Bit Of Heaven. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Ms. Caitlyn Weinert and Helena McNeil Junior Handler: ?Caitlyn Weinert (50242794003) (Conf#: 31)

Judge: Mr. David L. Kittredge (CVKCII-Sat)
Judge: Mr. David L. Kittredge (CVKCII-Sat)
3 18 CH. HORIZON'S WAGGIN MASTER. DL75002804 6/6/1998. Breeder: Karen Mallory. By Ch. Terra-blue's Just Too Hot/ Ch. Horizon's Wild Rassberry. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Amanda Swanson and Karen Mallory Junior Handler: ?Amanda Swanson (83573481001)
2 21 NONNIES TALL DARK N HANDSOME. SR33851602 4/26/2004. Breeder: Vickie L. Umpleby. By Brasswinds Imaginary Friend/ Nonnies She's All That. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Vickie Umpleby and Susan Emerson Junior Handler: ?Elizabeth Emerson (861030001)
1 26 GOLDREST ENCHANTED WITCHYWOMAN. DN14412101 3/23/2006. Breeder: Tina Beck & Jann Grant. By Ch. McMatt's EZ Victor/ Canyon Oaks Hugs N Kisses. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Karen L. Dake and Tina Beck Junior Handler: ?Madeline Dake (38538413003) (Conf#: 36)
C 10 PRINCESS ELLIE OF OHIO. SR17524003 5/16/2004. Breeder: Sandra Sando. By Sando's Sir Taynor/ Sando's Maggie Mae. SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER). OWNER: Carl J. Rimer Junior Handler: ?Paige Rimer (64669203001)
C 11 CH. OAK DALE'S LAS VEGAS. DN05729401 12/14/2003. Breeder: Sandy Detrick & Jon Gibbs. By Ch. Shield Crest Nevada/ Ch. Oak Dale's Dream Maker. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Sandy Detrick and Jon Gibbs, Kelly Reppert Junior Handler: ?Kelly Reppert (88983608003)
C 13 HANGOVERS FUZZY BUDDY BANDIT, RN. DN11010006 5/23/2005. Breeder: Kimberly Snearey. By Ch. Horizons Maximum Velozity/ MJN Arki Star Of Faith. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Mr. Benton Swanson and Bill & Meri Swanson Junior Handler: ?Benton Swanson (64669203003) (Obed#: 7) (Raly#: 303)
3 14 HI TOR FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. HP16210302 6/11/2005. Breeder: Debbie Lutsch & Brigitte Lutsch. By Hi Tor Rippleton Diamond/ Hi Tor Chosen By Chance. WHIPPETS. OWNER: Debbie Lutsch and Brigitte Lutsch Junior Handler: ?Brigitte Lutsch (19930901002) (Conf#: 9)
C 16 QUAILFIELD'S WHO IT MAY CONCERN. SR23358203 9/13/2004. Breeder: Patricia Nagel & Mary Burr. By Ch. Quailfield Mak'N Business/ Quailfield's Who's Kidd'n who. SETTERS (IRISH). OWNER: Patricia Nagel Junior Handler: ?Shelby Frew (57098606003) (Conf#: 14)
C 19 BRIARPATCH GREAT BALL O'FIRE. SN804539/01 12/15/2000. Breeder: Mary Frances Beardsley. By Rosewynde's Magic Carpet Ride/ Ch. Briarpatch Shining Star. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Elizabeth Brate and Patricia Stevens-Brate Junior Handler: ?Lizzy Brate (19940407002) (Conf#: 15)
2 23 CH. TRAVLER-CURTACY HEIRLOOM LACE. DL868728/01 3/21/2001. Breeder: Hannah H. Cook. By Curtacy In The Black/ Ch. Curtacy Summer Sunrise. COLLIES. OWNER: Rebecca L. Tehon Junior Handler: ?Bree Anne Ardizzone (19921230001)
C 29 CH. VALKYRIE'S A PUFF OF WIND. WP976938/06 5/24/2000. Breeder: Julie W. Parker. By Ch. Hunter Walking On Water/ Ch. DelSur's Anchor Of Valkyrie. PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS. OWNER: Julie W. Parker and Emily Romain Junior Handler: ?Emily Romain (19930114009)
4 30 CH JESTER'S R U REDDY TO RUMBLE. DL81523502 7/25/1999. Breeder: T & T Glassford & S Flipin. By Ch. Castlebutte's Iron Thunder/ Ch. Jester's Cowabunga. AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS. OWNER: Miss Sara Karger and Emily Coglio Junior Handler: ?Emily Coglio (94397642003)
C 31 SNOWBELTS CHARMING INVITATION, NA, NAJ. DN12136302 9/23/2005. Breeder: Patti J. Herhold. By Ch. Inverness Just In Case, NA, OAJ/ Ch. Snowbelt Engraved Invitaiton. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Ms. Halee Mason and Patti Herhold Junior Handler: ?Ryan Mason (48998097003) (Conf#: 12)
C 33 RIO BRAVO'S REBEL. SR38254401 9/30/2006. Breeder: Victor Mazzocchi. By Spring Hill Sno-Bear Adventur/ Spring Hill's Zippin Zoey. BRITTANYS. OWNER: Mr. Victor Mazzocchi and Andrea Rose Mazzocchi Junior Handler: ?Andrea Mazzocchi (19930405003) (Conf#: 17)
C 34 BEAUJON TRINITY TERRIFIK. HP16534304 5/5/2005. Breeder: David Beauregard,Christine Dirienzo. By Ch. Buena Vista Justice For Allarioch/ Beaujon Sassy Brassy Treselle. AFGHAN HOUNDS. OWNER: Lisa Fritton and D.Beauregard,C. Dirienzo Junior Handler: ?Jessie Fritton (32403847001) (Conf#: 14)
1/BJH 37 HORIZON'S CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. DN01301208 8/2/2002. Breeder: Marcia Stiger. By Ch. Briarbrooks Full Speed Ahead, PT/ Ch. Kaleidoscopes Bit Of Heaven. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Ms. Caitlyn Weinert and Helena McNeil Junior Handler: ?Caitlyn Weinert (50242794003) (Conf#: 31)
C 38 CH. SUDDON FOX CHARMED. RN06439401 6/19/2004. Breeder: Susan Foster & Joleen Foster. By Ch. Laroz Yah Baby/ Ch. Sudden Fox It's A Girl Thing. FOX TERRIERS (SMOOTH). OWNER: Susan Foster and Joleen Foster Junior Handler: ?Joleen Foster (19921206002) (Conf#: 12)
C 39 CH. BRYNMAR'S SHRECK. TR26978102 5/22/2004. Breeder: Rachel H Pehr. By Ch. Brynmar's Tri Winter Sports/ BackRoads Christmas Bell. ENGLISH TOY SPANIELS. OWNER: Particia Cox and R. H. Fehr/ J. Cox Junior Handler: ? () (Conf#: 5)
C 7 CH. SNOWBELT AMERICA'S SWEETHEART. DN000273/01 12/11/2001. Breeder: Patti Herhold & Erin Swain. By Ch. Inverness Devonshire Blue/ Ch. Inverness Sweet Victory. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Halee Mason and Patti Herhold Junior Handler: ?Halee Mason (48827680003) (Conf#: 10)
A 8 MALLYREE YANKEE CLIPPER. SR33525501 3/18/2006. Breeder: Marion Hopkins. By Ch. Beaufield's No Rhyme Or Reason/ Ch. Mallyree Emerald A'Mhara. SPANIELS (IRISH WATER). OWNER: Marion Hopkins and Catherine Pikul Junior Handler: ?Catherine Pikul (19910523002) (Conf#: 9)
C 9 CANAMI BLUE BLAZER, CD, RAE, NA, OAJ. DN02067201 12/13/2002. Breeder: Amanda Inzinna. By Canami Novato/ Canami Twilight Diamond Fury. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Miss Brie Ellis Junior Handler: ?Brieaynn Ellis (19900711003) (Obed#: 204)
A 12 LINEA'S HEART OF GOLD. SR32807902 2/12/2006. Breeder: Linda L. Scott. By Ch. Daisymead's Powerplay/ Ch. Linea's Blonde Over Blue. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Miss Katie Chmura Junior Handler: ?Katherine Chmura (19901026006) (Conf#: 9)
1 15 ARBORVIEW DISCOVER THE MAGIC. DN14271401 3/23/2006. Breeder: Karen M. Mallory. By Ch. Horizon's Deja Blue/ Ch. Falllfire & Arbor View Talk Sho Gal. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Stephanie Agone Junior Handler: ?Stephanie Agone (19901106006) (Conf#: 20)
C 20 DIEHARD'S WHO'S YOUR DADDY. SR17921106 4/25/2004. Breeder: Yvonne & Kelly Militello & Dave & L. Benzinger. By Ch.Thornlodge I Love Trouble/ Quailfield Peppermint Schnap. SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER). OWNER: Mr. Carl Militello and Kelly,Yvonne,Sam Militell Junior Handler: ?Kelly Militello (19890906004) (Conf#: 9)
C 22 CH. PAW PAWS HIGH FLYING FALCON. NM931040/01 12/17/2001. Breeder: Diana Balderson. By Ch. Paw Paws Fox/ Ch. Tibroke's Weezer Of Paw Paws. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Meagan M. LaMendola Junior Handler: ?Meagan M. LaMendola (19900205001)
A 24 MADCAP'S FERGUS A TRUE TYGER. SR27128602 5/13/2005. Breeder: Betty Wathne & Karen Blessing. By Ch. Tygerlily's Good As Gold/ Ch. Madcaps' Brilliant Virture. SPANIELS (IRISH WATER). OWNER: Ms. Margaret-Ann Barrett Brownson Junior Handler: ?Margaret Brownson (31697034001) (Conf#: 11)
C 25 SPRING HILL SNO-BEAR ADVENTUR. SR01204606 5/1/2002. Breeder: Barbara Dunkling & Charlene Frable. By Ch. Sargent's Hunter Del Prado/ Ch. Autumn-Sno's Lucky Charm. BRITTANYS. OWNER: Miss Cristina Mazzocchi and Susan Lehosky Junior Handler: ?Cristina Mazzocchi (19920105003) (Conf#: 15)
4 27 CH. LAMZ VIVA LAS VEGAS. RN02558901 5/30/2003. Breeder: Shirley Gorman. By Ch. Angels Blue Walter Boy/ Ch. Camerata M'Lady Blue Samantha. BEDLINGTON TERRIERS. OWNER: Ms. Laurie Zembrzuski and Gabrielle Gilbeau Junior Handler: ?Gabrielle Gilbeau (19891014005) (Conf#: 5)
C 28 MAGIC'S FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND. WS18674803 7/22/2006. Breeder: Linda Altomare. By Magic's Dust In The Wind/ Ch. Genedda Tribute To Magic. GREAT DANES. OWNER: Julie Ho and Connie Ho, Linda Altomare Junior Handler: ?Julie Ho (86355344001)
A 32 CH. O'CHARIDA'S REMEMBER FU MANCHU, JH. SR26458603 5/23/2005. Breeder: Rita A. Bell, Patricia A. Cleary, Kathryn Bell, & Frederick Paine. By Ch. Kist's Impressive Griffin, MH/ Ch. O'Charida's Stargazer Lily. POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED). OWNER: Ms. Rita A. Bell and K. Bell, P. Cleary Junior Handler: ?Kathryn Bell (19900110003) (Conf#: 9)
2 35 CH K-LINE N CUTTS BEYOND-A-DOUBT. SN85595202 8/18/2001. Breeder: Judi Kline. By CH K-Line's Shadow-of-a-Doubt/ CH K-Line's Melody of Love. SPANIELS (COCKER). OWNER: Mr. Mark Steffen and R Price & J Hanlin Junior Handler: ?Jeffrey Hanlin (19890802011)
3 36 CH. SONNENSCHEIN'S TAKE AIM. SN86954201 9/26/2001. Breeder: Barb Booher. By Ch. Shomberg'sBrowing Citori/ Ch. Sonnenschein's Frozen In Time. POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED). OWNER: David J. Zavasky Junior Handler: ?Jenna Zavasky (19910228001)