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   Wednesday, May 05, 2010 ··· 10:41:55 AM
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Judge: Mrs. Jeanette McGinnis (CVKC-Fri)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/2) 2-(4/3) 3-(5/5) 4-(9/10) 5-(15/20)
SCOTTISH DEERHOUNDS. Puppy 9 to 12 Month Dogs.
1 19 BRACKENLAND OSBERT FROM KILBOURNE. HP24833701 8/1/2006. Breeder: Michael & Taryn Edwards. By Kilbourne Vincent/ Ghiltan Hobby. OWNER: Earl Acker and Lynn Kiaer
SCOTTISH DEERHOUNDS. Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.
1/W/BW 5 GLENHAVEN'S PAILADIN. HP17807602 7/15/2005. Breeder: Sandra Call & Jeanne Frye. By Ch. Lehigh Arlen/ Ch. Thistleglen. OWNER: Sandra Call
1/RW 9 DHU MOHR BRIDGENTYME O'MADRONA. HP17783101 5/15/2005. Breeder: Beth & Jeff Jamison. By Ch. Gayleward's Jaraluv Nike/ Ch. Dhu Mohr Inverness Windmoor. OWNER: Frances Smith and Wendy Fast
3 11 CU LIATH JUDSON JAGGER. HP09657206 5/1/2004. Breeder: Lynn Kiaer & Charles Edwards. By Ch. Cu Liath Ayr Ghillie, SC/ Ch. Cu Liath Ayr Dalhousie. OWNER: Barry Smith and Fran Smith
2 15 NIGHTWATCH MACLEOD D'LUX. HP09985802 1/6/2004. Breeder: Sandra D. Hetz & Janet Porter. By DC Old St. Andrews D'Lux, SC/ Ch. Rosebank D'Lux Vale Vue. OWNER: Mary M. Simpson
2/RW 6 GLENHAVEN'S SEDONA. HP19379101 6/2/2005. Breeder: Sandra Call. By Ch. Glenhavens' Highstone Tenacity/ Ch. Glenhaven's Kia of Vale Vue. OWNER: Sandra Call
4 8 GAYLEWARD'S ANNIKA. HP06612611 7/17/2003. Breeder: Gayle Bontecou. By Ch. Gayleward's Tiger Woods/ Ch. Gayleward's Laura Ashley. OWNER: Fran Smith and Wendy Fast
1/W 12 THISTLEGLEN PILAR. HP178076/03 7/15/2005. Breeder: Sandra Call and Jeanne T. Frye. By Ch Lehigh Arlen/ Ch. Thistleglen Musetta Glenhaven. OWNER: Mrs. Jeanne Frye (Agent: Lesley Anne Potts).
3 18 FERNHILL'S VIOLET. HP21500306 11/22/2005. Breeder: Barbara Heidenreich. By Thistleglen Neville/ FernHill's Roslyn. OWNER: Shari Rivenburg (Agent: Michael Halley).
SCOTTISH DEERHOUNDS, Best of Breed/Variety Competition
OS 14 DC. CU LIATH JYNX, SC. HP09657208 5/1/2004. Breeder: Lynn Kiaer & Charles Edwards. By DC. Cu Liath Ayr Ghillie, SC/ Ch. Cu Liath Ayr Dalhousie.Bitch. OWNER: Dr. Lynn Kiaer and Charles Edwards
B 17 CH. GAYLEWARD'S TIGER WOODS. HP00534301 1/11/2002. Breeder: Gayle Bontecou. By Ch. Chartwell Silver Run Vale Vu, SC/ Ch. Gayleward's Sullivan.Dog. OWNER: Gayle Bontecou (Agent: Clifford Steele, AKC).