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   Thursday, November 20, 2008 ··· 4:41:30 AM
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Best Junior Handler

1/BJH 35 CH. MARKENHAUS SMOKE ON THE WATER. DN00190507 2/13/2002. Breeder: June Harris. By Ch. Timberlea's Burning Briar/ Meinschatz Fanda. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. OWNER: Mrs. Sue Rayner-Reed and K Rauchmeier,MJ Schendek Junior Handler: ?Kelly Rauschmeier (19920705001)

Judge: Mr. Zane Smith (DONKC-Sat)
Judge: Mr. Zane Smith (DONKC-Sat)
3 11 SUNLIGHT DARCY VON BAKUM. HP18496604 11/14/2005. Breeder: Karin D. Boyd, Michael Nothstein & Phyllis Meseroll. By DC Sunlight's Skyrocket, NA, SE/ DC Amazing Grace Von Bakum. DACHSHUNDS. OWNER: Catherine Kelly and Michael Nothstein Junior Handler: ?Maggie Kelly (22979778001) (Conf#: 10)
2 15 CH. ROCKNMOR'S ELIJAH, JE. RM37162001 12/13/2002. Breeder: Carol L. Hohnson. By Ch. Rocknmor's Atomic Bomb/ Ch. ledge Rock's All About Eve, JE. WELSH TERRIERS. OWNER: Carol L. Johnson Junior Handler: ?Amber B. Westervelt (49536267001)
1 19 BAAN'S JORGE OF THE SUN (THAILAND). KCTHI06111455 12/8/2007. Breeder: Sumroeng Jondsawad. By Th. CH. Baan's A Star Is Born/ Baam's Josic of the Moon. SHIH TZU. OWNER: Ms. Stormi Vasta Junior Handler: ?Ashley Vasta (12986624001) (Conf#: 9)
A 41 GRANDGABLES SPOONFUL O SUGAR, ML. HP22058102 5/16/2006. Breeder: Vicki Stone, Guy Jeavans & Mark McMillan. By Pamadron Mr. Bean/ Grandgables Lovin Spoonful, ML. DACHSHUNDS. OWNER: Terri Frenia and G. Jeavons & M. McMillan Junior Handler: ?Joshua Frenia (28371223001) (Conf#: 18)
3 7 SOMERSET STONEMEDOLEADR OF THE BAND. DN08009307 6/8/2004. Breeder: Mary Cummings, Kelly Rauschmeier, Tony Corrita. By Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man/ Eagle Vally's Andromeda. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. OWNER: Mary Cummings and K. Rauschmeier, R. Little Junior Handler: ?Carenza Rosa (99495294005)
2 23 BESITOS OPAL LUBAY. TR53506006 3/31/2006. Breeder: Candace Kane & Deborah Eckels. By Ch. Lynyear Peludo De-tres Divas/ Ch. Lynyear Forget-Me-Not. HAVANESE. OWNER: Linda & Meghan Sanefski and Ruthellen Viall Junior Handler: ?Meghan Sanefski (41244639003) (Conf#: 14)
1 33 BEARSCAMP'S SPANISH VACQUERO. WS19579801 9/18/2006. Breeder: Mary Lou & William Cuddy. By Ch. Show De La Baie De Pempoul/ Versailles Bearscamp De L'Iliade Et L'Odyssee. NEWFOUNDLANDS. OWNER: Jessica Schell and Mary Lou Cuddy Junior Handler: ?Jessica Schell (73879680002) (Conf#: 27)
1 17 LORRICBROOK KINDRED SAVANNAH. HP15594901 4/4/2005. Breeder: Brenda Malick & Jenny McCartney. By Ch. Cherche Wizard Of The Wind/ Kindred Fire From Cherche. WHIPPETS. OWNER: Ms. Star Utter and Jenny McCartney Junior Handler: ?Star Utter (51651610003) (Conf#: 8)
A 37 CH. WINLAND'S DIAMOND TALISMAN. WS03723701 4/13/2003. Breeder: Charles Coull. By Ch. Rasilons Tangos Talisman/ Winland's Diamond in the Sky. BOXERS. OWNER: Dr. Dyana Fichera and Erin Myers Junior Handler: ?Erin Myers (19900102007) (Conf#: 11)
C 10 COMET AMY'S SHOOTING STAR, RN. ILP100641 12/15/2002. Breeder: unknown. By unknown/ unknown. PUGS. OWNER: Amy Zelinski and Mariann Zelinski Junior Handler: ?Amy Zelinski (91451243001)
4 13 CH. LIEDER'S SPIRIT OF FRIENDSHIP. SR18515707 6/16/2004. Breeder: Mary Lou and Reginald Tobias. By Ch. Robin Crest Silver Spirit JH/ Robaron Katarina Souris JH. POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED). OWNER: Dr. Iris Goliger Junior Handler: ?Rachel Glenn (29064957003) (Conf#: 8)
C 14 ST'S ENEE BRINDLE MYNEE OH. DL81383609 10/18/1999. Breeder: William S. Cone & Gladys M Cone & Nancy L Cone. By CH Nab's Tri Seven Come Eleven/ Phi-Vestavia Ebony-Not. CARDIGAN WELSH CORGI. OWNER: Miss Courtney Hays and Kathleen Hays Junior Handler: ? ()
1 27 CH. HAPPY HOBBIT'S MOON STONE. RN03653904 9/28/2003. Breeder: Sandra Gillen. By Ch. Gannaway Moonrock/ Ch. Eclipse Too True. BORDER TERRIERS. OWNER: Ms. Brenna Kunzler Junior Handler: ?Brenna Kunzler (24707544001)
2 29 DEVITA'S SPLASH OF BORA BORA. TR56783501 8/30/2006. Breeder: Ruthelle Viall & Claudia DeVita. By Ch. DeVita's Mimosa W/A Twist/ Ch. Erinova Paws For Applause O'Jen. HAVANESE. OWNER: Ruthellen Viall and Claudia DeVita Junior Handler: ?Roger P. Krieger (99910645001) (Conf#: 18)
3 34 CH. MELMAR PARTY LINE. NP01693106 9/29/2002. Breeder: Mary and Harold Hartman. By Ch. Dragonhold Party of Five/ Ch. Lorac Ambrier Crown Jewel. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Miss Colleen Longley and Mary and Harold Hartman Junior Handler: ?Colleen Longley (38538413001)
3 6 CH ITOBA PURPLEHEART EASY STREET. SN92331602 7/10/2002. Breeder: Melissa Davis, DVM & Joyce Wiinkels. By Daisymead Playboy/ Itoba Daisymead True Love. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Joyce Winkels and Emma Mcquire Junior Handler: ?Emma McGuire (19931230002)
C 12 CH. LIEDER'S IT IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS. SR28866602 8/4/2005. Breeder: Mary Lou and Reginald Tobias. By Ch. Mariah's Music of the Night JH/ Robaron Katarina Souris JH. POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED). OWNER: Dr. Iris Goliger Junior Handler: ?Zachary Jonas (12100521004) (Conf#: 5)
C 16 HARGO'S SUGAR AND SPICE. NP13470202 6/11/2006. Breeder: Michele M. Gouin & June Demers. By Ch. Aned's Ainsi Soltil/ Ch. Ebonorth Matters of the Heart. SCHIPPERKES. OWNER: Ashleigh N. Westervelt and Michele M. Gouin Junior Handler: ?Ashleigh N. Westervelt (19920910003) (Conf#: 11)
4 26 CH. OAK DALE'S LAS VEGAS. DN05729401 12/14/2003. Breeder: Sandy Detrick & Jon Gibbs. By Ch. Shield Crest Nevada/ Ch. Oak Dale's Dream Maker. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Sandy Detrick and Jon Gibbs, Kelly Reppert Junior Handler: ?Kelly Reppert (88983608003)
C 28 CH WESTVIEW SANDHILL NEXT APPRENTICE. NP11680902 8/20/2005. Breeder: Michelle Maynard & Connie Buckland. By Ch. Bio Bios Modern Talking/ Ch. Ambriew Westview Sandhill Cholla. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Miss Heather Longley and Chrystine Longley Junior Handler: ?Heather Longley (19940507001)
1/BJH 35 CH. MARKENHAUS SMOKE ON THE WATER. DN00190507 2/13/2002. Breeder: June Harris. By Ch. Timberlea's Burning Briar/ Meinschatz Fanda. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. OWNER: Mrs. Sue Rayner-Reed and K Rauchmeier,MJ Schendek Junior Handler: ?Kelly Rauschmeier (19920705001)
A 36 STARDAN'S READY FOR SUMTHING. WS05722101 6/3/2003. Breeder: Debby Jahnke. By Ch. Snowberry's Rough and Ready/ Stardan's Sumthn to Talk About. SAMOYEDS. OWNER: Debby Jahnke Junior Handler: ?Justin Jahnke (19940322003) (Conf#: 20)
2 39 CH. THYMEWINDS HOCUS POCUS. dl90986201 1/25/2002. Breeder: Mrs. W. A. Smith. By Thymewhinds Masterpiece/ Yawdem Blissful at Tymewinds. BEARDED COLLIES. OWNER: Patricia Colombo and Brenda & Maxine Kidwell Junior Handler: ?Maxine Kidwell (57408609001)
A 40 CLAIRE LA COMBE AV POPPYFIELD. HP20404601 10/21/2005. Breeder: Kari L. Svendsen. By Trouble Du Menuel Galopin/ Cassiopeia Poppyfield. AFGHAN HOUNDS. OWNER: Mrs. Lauri Lewinski Junior Handler: ?Maura Kunzler (19931006002) (Conf#: 16)
C 42 CH. TRAVLER-CURTACY HEIRLOOM LACE. DL868728/01 3/21/2001. Breeder: Hannah H. Cook. By Curtacy In The Black/ Ch. Curtacy Summer Sunrise. COLLIES. OWNER: Rebecca L. Tehon Junior Handler: ?Bree Anne Ardizzone (19921230001)
1 8 CH. SOUTHERN THIS KISS. SR12920201 10/26/2003. Breeder: Tina McDonnell. By Kinnike Clooney/ Ch. PNR Carolina in My Mind, JH. POINTERS. OWNER: Ms. Kristen Eisenbraun and Tina McDonnell Junior Handler: ?Kristen Eisenbraun (19901013005) (Conf#: 6)
C 9 GAYLAN'S CHARLIES ANGELS FLY, CD, RE, NJP. SN84108503 6/11/2001. Breeder: Gayle Watkins. By Ch. Celestial Sirius Jake, CDX, JH/ Trumpets Gaylans Butterfly, CD, AX, AXJ, JH. RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). OWNER: Amanda Zelinski and Mariann Zelinski Junior Handler: ?Amanda Zelinski (19891213001) (Raly#: 505) (Raly#: 903)
3 18 CH. DIDEB'S GOTTA BE GOOD. NM71246501 12/23/1996. Breeder: Debra Dellamonica & Carole Luke. By Ch. DiDeb's Speedeau Dreux/ Chatelet's In the Foxhaus. SCHIPPERKES. OWNER: Mrs. Debra DellaMonica and W. Plourde, T. Knox Junior Handler: ?Tiffany Knox (19890712001)
C 21 CH. LAUREL CHASE ANTICIPATION. HP10459601 4/13/2004. Breeder: Kim & James Fredericks. By Ch. Imperial Winds De Sud, JC/ Ch. Laurel Chase In Full Bloom, SC. WHIPPETS. OWNER: Hannah Baker and Kim Fredericks Junior Handler: ?Hannah Baker (19920526002)
C 24 CH. SUMMERSTORM COYOTE DANCING, CDX, HSAS, TD, OA, AXJ, RAE. DL782839/02 4/10/1999. Breeder: Diane & Sheldon Schultz. By Ch. OTCH Bilgay Summerstorm, UDX, TDX, HS, NA/ Ch. OTCH Starbright Lasting Glory, UDT, PT. BELGIAN TERVUREN. OWNER: Debbie M. Eldredge, DVM Junior Handler: ?Kate Eldredge (19901222001)
2 25 EVERGREEN'S LET IT SNOW. sr32206904 12/20/2005. Breeder: Edward Anderson & Rochelle Andonian. By Ch. Hytree's Blue I's Cryn in the Rain/ Evergreen's It's All About Me. RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). OWNER: Meagan M. Lamendola and J. Lamendola Junior Handler: ?Meagan M. LaMendola (19900205001)
C 30 LINEA'S HEART OF GOLD. SR32807902 2/12/2006. Breeder: Linda L. Scott. By Ch. Daisymead's Powerplay/ Ch. Linea's Blonde Over Blue. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Miss Katie Chmura Junior Handler: ?Katherine Chmura (19901026006) (Conf#: 5)
4 31 FOXWOOD HIGH VOLTAGE. RN10954901 2/19/2006. Breeder: Alexander Kress & Kathryn Mines. By Ch. Foxwood Noble Ninja/ Ch. Foxwood Live Wire of Redfern. NORWICH TERRIERS. OWNER: Kathryn A. Mines and Stephanie Forte Junior Handler: ?Stephanie Forte (19891201003)