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   Thursday, August 21, 2008 ··· 4:48:43 AM
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Best Junior Handler

1/BJH 43 CH. CANDYLAND'S JAYMIST ROCKETMAN. TP326089/03 2/2/2003. Breeder: J. Candy Schlieper. By Ch. Royal A's Zeus Son Of Bailey/ Schoss' Sophia Of Candyland. PUGS. OWNER: Lauren Sobol and Katherine Bevan Junior Handler: ?Hannah Bevan (9910807002)

Judge: Mr. Arley D. Hussin (AKC-Sun)
Judge: Mr. Arley D. Hussin (AKC-Sun)
1 13 HEAVENLY'S GUARDIAN ANGELENA. TR50616301 5/20/2006. Breeder: Barbara Hossler, William Hossler. By Ch. Eis Baer's Prince Of Cameron/ Halfmoon's Halley's Comet. CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS. OWNER: Ford Hossler and Lisa Cayo-Hossler Junior Handler: ?Ford Hossler (76992136005) (Conf#: 12)
2 24 CH. GIN DIC'S THE DECISION O' SILVAN. HP06875207 8/26/2003. Breeder: V. Lemieux, M. L. Kiefhaber & S. Handlosser. By Ch. Gin Dic's Busy Man/ Silvan Lilly Of The Field. BASSET HOUNDS. OWNER: Virginia Lemieux and Morgan L. Kiefhaber Junior Handler: ?Laura L. Kiefhaber (28195971004)
3 32 SNOWY HILL BUBBLY CREAM SODA. WS14810105 8/24/2005. Breeder: Carol & John Heffley. By Ch. Pendragon Don't Noc The Rock/ Ch. Maplewinds Sweet Mercedes. MASTIFFS. OWNER: Mrs. Dora Coolbaugh and Sara Coolbaugh Junior Handler: ?Sara Coolbaugh (19940121001) (Conf#: 14)
1 42 WINDKISTANZI'SLUIGITHELOVER. HP23863405 11/11/2006. Breeder: Leah Bertgnolli. By Ch. Windkist Lanbur Be Cool/ Ch. Windkist Afternoon Delight. BEAGLES. OWNER: Mr. Stephano Anzalone and Wendy Anzalone Junior Handler: ?Stephano Anzalone (78086145002) (Conf#: 7)
1 8 CH. SALISHAN SIR BARKLEY OF HIGH TOWER. NP02976001 5/24/2003. Breeder: Pat Babcock & Susan Carr. By Ch. Excalibur's Sticks N Stones/ Ch. Salishan's Starbright. TIBETAN TERRIERS. OWNER: Karen Tower Junior Handler: ?Savannah Livingston (82773261002)
A 9 HUNDELEBEN TRABEIZ I LOVE LUCY, MW. HP20492803 2/23/2006. Breeder: Peg Ziebart-Sennet, Danielle J. Goodland, Carlow J. Puig. By Ch. EZ Goins River At Sagerun, MW/ Hundeleben Trabeiz E-Three, MW. DACHSHUNDS. OWNER: Kristi Livingston and Megan Livingston Junior Handler: ?Megan Livingston (30552678001)
A 20 CH. LIEDER'S IT IS WRITTEN IN THE STARS. SR28866602 8/4/2005. Breeder: Mary Lou and Reginald Tobias. By Ch. Mariah's Music of the Night JH/ Robaron Katarina Souris JH. POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED). OWNER: Dr. Iris Goliger Junior Handler: ?Rachel Glenn (29064957003) (Conf#: 21)
3 27 HANGOVERS SWEET LOLLIPOP LACEY, RN, RA, RE. DN11010001 5/23/2005. Breeder: Kimberly Snearey. By Ch. Horizons Maximum Velozity/ MJN Arki Star Of Faith. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Miss Amanda Swanson and Mrs. Meri Swanson Junior Handler: ?Amanda Swanson (83573481001) (Raly#: 991)
2 31 CH. DELAMER'S SHOCKWAVE. NP11396201 5/27/2005. Breeder: Krista J. Nuovo & John Pentello. By Ch. De Lamer's Catch The Wave/ Ch. De Lamer's Fire Island Fox. SCHIPPERKES. OWNER: M. Pacanowski and Wolfe, Nuova, Kellerman Junior Handler: ? () (Conf#: 7)
C 34 KARNAK'S WHITE FOOT CONTESSA. HP24388202 12/6/2006. Breeder: Karen Hutchison. By Ch. Karnak's never ending Chaos/ Ch. Taqsim signet Warratah. BASENJIS. OWNER: Jensen Sikora and Karen Hutchison Junior Handler: ?Jensen Sikora (72114215003) (Conf#: 6)
4 39 GOLDREST ENCHANTED WITCHYWOMAN. DN14412101 3/23/2006. Breeder: Tina Beck & Jann Grant. By Ch. McMatt's EZ Victor/ Canyon Oaks Hugs N Kisses. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Karen L. Dake and Tina Beck Junior Handler: ?Madeline Dake (38538413003) (Conf#: 44)
C 15 CHINA FLEET'S HUNKY DORI. NP13805903 6/23/2006. Breeder: Marilyn Vinson. By Ch. Lucky Wun Squeeze Play/ Ch. China Fleet's Leaping Lizzy. CHINESE SHAR-PEI. OWNER: Mrs. Brenda L. Cook and Kayleigh Cornelius Junior Handler: ?Kayleigh Cornelius (51625006001) (Conf#: 6)
4 19 CH. QUAILFIELD'S WHO IT MAY CONCERN. SR23358203 9/13/2004. Breeder: Patricia Nagel & Mary Burr. By Ch. Quailfield Mak'N Business/ Quailfield's Who's Kidd'n who. SETTERS (IRISH). OWNER: Patricia Nagel Junior Handler: ?Shelby Frew (57098606003)
2 26 HANGOVERS FUZZY BUDDY BANDIT, RN, RA,RE. DN11010006 5/23/2005. Breeder: Kimberly Snearey. By Ch. Horizons Maximum Velozity/ MJN Arki Star Of Faith. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Mr. Benton Swanson and Bill & Meri Swanson Junior Handler: ?Benton Swanson (47954795479) (Raly#: 992)
3 29 BRIARPATCH GLORY DAZE. SR39246003 11/26/2006. Breeder: Mary Frances Beardsley. By Ch. D-D's Knight Of Stars, CD, RN/ Briarpatch Hallelujah, CD. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Elizabeth Brate and K. Brate & M. F.Beardsley Junior Handler: ?Lizzy Brate (19940407002)
C 33 CH. OAK DALE'S LAS VEGAS. DN05729401 12/14/2003. Breeder: Sandy Detrick & Jon Gibbs. By Ch. Shield Crest Nevada/ Ch. Oak Dale's Dream Maker. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Sandy Detrick and Jon Gibbs, Kelly Reppert Junior Handler: ?Kelly Reppert (88983608003)
C 36 WHINDANCER SLOW DANCING IN A BURNING ROOM. RN13930001 3/21/2007. Breeder: Susan Ratliffe & Art Miller. By Ch. Ellora Bastion/ Ch. Whindancer's Fresh Air. SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIERS. OWNER: Susan Ratliffe and Art Miller Junior Handler: ?Abby Kochan (78425502004)
1 37 CH. VALKYRIE'S MARDI GRAS PARTI. WR026874/01 1/11/2001. Breeder: Julie W. Parker. By Ch. Delsur's Sail Away/ Ch. Valkyrie's Ship To Shore. PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS. OWNER: Emily Romain and Julie Parker Junior Handler: ?Emily Romain (19930114009)
A 6 CH. ALIANA'S SONHO DO MENINO NOVO. WS09324301 6/17/2003. Breeder: Leona Ives. By Ch. Ondulado's Hogan/ Aliana's Rapido Pinto Libby. PORTUGUESE WATER DOGS. OWNER: Mr. Henri Berube Junior Handler: ?Arielle Berube (34800223002) (Obed#: 202)
C 7 CULDI'S HEARTS ON FIRE, VCD1, HSAS, RAE, NJP. DL722005/04 11/30/1997. Breeder: Stephanie Snide. By Ch. Caralon Brookhaven Heartthrob/ Ch. Hungry Heart O' Culdi, AX, AXJ, AJP, OAP, HS, RN. PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI. OWNER: Kate Eldredge Junior Handler: ?Kate Eldredge (19901222001)
C 10 CH. PAW PAWS HIGH FLYING FALCON. NM931040/01 12/17/2001. Breeder: Diana S. Balderson. By Ch. Paw Paws Fox/ Ch. Tibroke's Weezer Of Paw Paws. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Meagan M. LaMendola Junior Handler: ?Meagan M. LaMendola (19900205001)
2 11 CH. SUDDON FOX CHARMED. RN06439401 6/19/2004. Breeder: Susan Foster & Joleen Foster. By Ch. Laroz Yah Baby/ Ch. Sudden Fox It's A Girl Thing. FOX TERRIERS (SMOOTH). OWNER: Susan Foster and Joleen Foster Junior Handler: ?Joleen Foster (19921206002)
C 12 HANNAH O'DAMAR, TDI, AX, AXJ. DN06174701 4/1/2001. Breeder: Marilyn Scharff. By Ch. Kell Picasso/ Damars Nite Flight. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Ms. Deanna Maholsic Junior Handler: ?Megan Maholsic (9901125005)
4 16 CH. SHANGRILA SECRET AGENT MAN. SN791328/03 11/4/2000. Breeder: Lynne Mehring, Karen Lynch &Jean Johnson. By Ch. Rockherin Shangrila At Last/ Ch. Mi Jeans I've Got A Secret. SETTERS (IRISH). OWNER: Sharon Schafer and Lynch, Popyk & Alman Junior Handler: ?Susan M. Schafer (9900719002)
3 17 CH. SONNENSCHEIN'S TAKE AIM. SN86954201 9/26/2001. Breeder: Barb Booher. By Ch. Shomberg'sBrowing Citori/ Ch. Sonnenschein's Frozen In Time. POINTERS (GERMAN SHORTHAIRED). OWNER: Jenna Zavasky and David Zavasky Junior Handler: ?Jenna Zavasky (19910222800)
A 21 ARBORVIEW DISCOVER THE MAGIC. DN14271401 3/23/2006. Breeder: Karen M. Mallory. By Ch. Horizon's Deja Blue/ Ch. Falllfire & Arbor View Talk Sho Gal. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Stephanie Agone Junior Handler: ?Stephanie Agone (19901106006) (Conf#: 18)
C 23 MYLAKHAN'S CHAGALL. HP27818602 3/2/2007. Breeder: Sharon Williams & Melissa Williams. By Ch. Sudon's Grand Impressionist/ Ch. Mylakhan Born To Be Bad. AFGHAN HOUNDS. OWNER: Megan Wager and S. Williams & M. Williams Junior Handler: ?Megan Wager (19910828003) (Conf#: 19)
C 35 LINEA'S HEART OF GOLD. SR32807902 2/12/2006. Breeder: Linda L. Scott. By Ch. Daisymead's Powerplay/ Ch. Linea's Blonde Over Blue. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Miss Katie Chmura Junior Handler: ?Katherine Chmura (19901026006)
A 38 CANAMI BLUE BLAZER, CD, RAE, NA, OAJ. DN02067201 12/13/2002. Breeder: Amanda Inzinna. By Canami Novato/ Canami Twilight Diamond Fury. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Miss Brie Ellis Junior Handler: ?Brie Ellis (1990071103) (Raly#: 998)
1/BJH 43 CH. CANDYLAND'S JAYMIST ROCKETMAN. TP326089/03 2/2/2003. Breeder: J. Candy Schlieper. By Ch. Royal A's Zeus Son Of Bailey/ Schoss' Sophia Of Candyland. PUGS. OWNER: Lauren Sobol and Katherine Bevan Junior Handler: ?Hannah Bevan (9910807002)