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   Tuesday, January 06, 2009 ··· 3:12:29 PM
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RW = Reserve Winner W  = Winner
OS = Best of Opposite Sex BW = Best of Winners
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^ Regular Classes
Judge: Mrs. Carol Kniebusch Noe (AKC-Sun)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/2) 2-(3/3) 3-(4/4) 4-(5/5) 5-(7/8)
CHIHUAHUAS (SMOOTH COAT). Puppy 9 to 12 Month Dogs.
1 7 LIND'S ARTIC FREEZE. TR61915603 2/8/2007. Breeder: Nancy Lindseey. By Ch. Saxon's & C & M's Topgun/ Trinket O Mine Bess Rod. OWNER: Kristina Barlak
CHIHUAHUAS (SMOOTH COAT). Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.
1/RW 17 MARLISA'S DANCIN FOR A PAYDAY. TR65928202 4/4/2007. Breeder: Matthew A. Nicosia. By Ch. Marlisa's Dancin Apache/ Ch. Marlisa's Dancin Hot Morsel. OWNER: Matthew A. Nicosia
2 25 HEAVEN'S EAT MY DUST. TR64296005 4/14/2007. Breeder: Angelina Havel. By Ch. Schroeder's Lil Cloud O' Dust/ Heaven's Poetic Justice. OWNER: Angelina Havel
1/W/BW 9 MARLISA'S DANCIN AWAY BARON. TR63657002 1/27/2007. Breeder: Mark M. Nicosia. By Ch. Marlisa's Athame Dancin JJ/ Marlisa's Dancin Hot Savanah. OWNER: Matthew A. Nicosia (Agent: William Miller).
4 19 TREEHILLS WHOS DA MAN LAVIDA. TR58556701 10/12/2006. Breeder: Kathryn Sue Sunnenberg. By CH. Dobbs Golden Gladiator Lover L/ SMS Mollie J Morsel. OWNER: Mrs. Debora Barry
2 21 PUPPYHAVEN'S RUDD. TC143019 6/2/2006. Breeder: Shirley Burgess. By Puppyhaven's Laddy/ Puppyhavens Emily. OWNER: Mrs. Shirley Burgess (Agent: Sarah Drake).
3 23 VALENTINO XX. TR60341801 1/12/2007. Breeder: Donna Schroeder. By Ch. Davishall Nokonwood At Grcreek/ Cisco's Lil Carmelita DS. OWNER: James Castiglione (Agent: Doris Cowell).
CHIHUAHUAS (SMOOTH COAT). Puppy 6 to 9 Month Bitches.
2 6 COOLBALLOW'S THE INFIDEL IS ME. TR27266601 4/27/2007. Breeder: Mrs. Virginia Eisenhardt & Miss Susan Lee. By Ch. Coolballow's Dwarfstar/ Coolballow's Thimble Island Girl. OWNER: Mrs. Virginia Eisenhardt and Miss Susan Lee
1 12 WEAVER'S CHELSEA OF BACARDI. TR63891602 5/24/2007. Breeder: Thomas S. Weaver. By Ch. Weavers IN The Nik Of Tyme For Thy/ Hi-C Diamond For Weavers. OWNER: Jason E. Ink and Thomas S. Weaver
CHIHUAHUAS (SMOOTH COAT). Bred By Exhibitor Bitches.
1/W/OS 14 KELANES SHAKEN NOT STIRRED. TR47167501 12/1/2005. Breeder: Susan Ofarrell. By Ch. Weaver One And Only Tipper/ Ch. Kelanes Girly Girl To Midnit. OWNER: Susan Ofarrell
2 16 HOME SWEET HOMES BAJESTA PANDA. TR50870101 5/2/2006. Breeder: Erika Specksgoor. By Windyhill Foxfire Simon Cowell/ Foxfire's Mocha baloo. OWNER: Ms. Erika Specksgoor and Pamela Specksgoor
1/RW 10 CRYSTALJEMS EVENING STARDUST. TR70691101 6/17/2007. Breeder: Nichole L. Simpson. By H-C Crystaljem Southn Patriot/ Crystaljems Shimmering Twilight. OWNER: Nicole L. Simpson and Marguerite Dane-Fisher
A 20 HEAVEN'S DAZED N' CONFUSED. TR51431802 1/29/2006. Breeder: Angelina Havel. By Ch. Heaven's Caught Red Handed/ Heaven's Diggin' For Gold. OWNER: Angelina Havel
CHIHUAHUAS (SMOOTH COAT), Best of Breed/Variety Competition
B 5 CH. SOUTH FORK'S GO FOR BROKE. TR64645201 1/27/2007. Breeder: Mary Jane Held. By Ch. Leander Bear Catcher Of Ballybroke/ South Fork's Kit Kat.Dog. OWNER: Mary Jane Held
C 8 CH. MARLISA'S DANCIN LIL MONET. TR62054501 12/5/2006. Breeder: Matthew A. Nicosia. By Ch. Marlisa's Athame Dancin JJ/ Marlisa's Dancin Monique.Bitch. OWNER: Angela Mason and Matthew Nicosia
C 11 DAZZLES TEXAS TORNADO. TR61762502 3/23/2007. Breeder: Donna J Jensen. By Ch. Dazzles Taylor Made/ Dazzles May Day.Dog. OWNER: Linda Berg
C 15 CH. ATHAME SOMETHING WICKED. TR32536501 10/13/2004. Breeder: Marguerite Dane-Fisher. By Ch. Athame The Prophet Isaiah/ Athame Dark Banishings.Dog. OWNER: Marguerite Dane-Fisher and Daniel E. Black
C 18 FOXFIRE'S ERIKA-JEANNES HOPE. TP266829/01 10/27/2001. Breeder: Doris A. Cowell. By Ch. Foxfire's Take A Chance/ Foxfire's Lit'l Bit Cinnamon.Bitch. OWNER: Ms. Doris A. Cowell