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OS = Best of Opposite Sex BW = Best of Winners
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^ Regular Classes
Judge: Dr. Ruby Hertz (KCBII-Sat)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/3) 2-(8/10) 3-(13/18) 4-(17/23) 5-(23/33)
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. Puppy 6 to 9 Month Dogs.
1/RW 7 BOTRINA N EQUINOX TACO DA TOWN. WS23161501 4/17/2007. Breeder: Bonnie Dunlop & Judy Bohnert. By Fabert's Fast N Furious/ Equinox Perfecta. OWNER: Mrs. Candie D'Avirro and Bonnie Dunlop
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. 12 - 18 Month Dogs.
1/W/BW 5 TEQUILAS HI OCTANE ACCELERATOR. WS19157803 10/9/2006. Breeder: Dene Libby & Jane Silver. By Ch. Caleb's We Shall Behold Him/ Dobemyers-N-Tequilas Tara. OWNER: Dene Libby and Robin Harmon (Agent: Gerry Mull).
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.
A 17 SHADEKO'S ROYAL TRIBUTE. WS20290403 12/9/2006. Breeder: Patricia Reinhardt. By Shadeko's Jokers Wild/ Shadeko's Over The Rainbow. OWNER: Mrs. Patricia Reinhardt and Eigene Reinhardt
A 15 SHADEKO'S GOOD VIBRATIONS. WS03154603 1/6/2003. Breeder: Patricia Reinhardt. By Shadeko's Fire In The Sky/ Shadeko's Silk Stalkings. OWNER: Eugene Reinhardt and Patricia Reinhardt
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. Puppy 6 to 9 Month Bitches.
1 6 HORIZONS POWER OF LOVE. WS23517103 5/1/2007. Breeder: Linda Geroge & Barbara Abrams. By Ch. Foxfires Love Monster/ Ch. Horizons Soiree. OWNER: Joseph Wackerly and Linda George
2 18 CALEB'S IRRESISTIBLE V BRAVEHART. WS22219906 6/14/2007. Breeder: Laura Jones Bambi Libengood. By Ch. Foxfire's Magic Dragon/ Ch. Caleb's My Redeemer Lives GMC. OWNER: Mrs. Libengood Bambi and Laura Jones
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. Puppy 9 to 12 Month Bitches.
1/RW 24 PRIMARY LOOK HOMEWARD ANGEL. WS21272004 3/8/2007. Breeder: Mary L Hawkins. By Ch. Primary Charlie Pride/ Ch. Nova's Zephyr V Kelview. OWNER: Nancy Gordon and William Gordon (Agent: Jim Harbert).
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. 12 - 18 Month Bitches.
A 28 SHADEKO'S RED N HOT. WS20290404 12/9/2006. Breeder: Patricia Reinhardt. By Shadeko's Jokers Wild/ Shadeko's Over The Rainbow. OWNER: Mrs. Patricia Reinhardt and Mr Eugene Reinhardt
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. Bred By Exhibitor Bitches.
1/W 10 GMC BRAVEHART'S KISS O FIRE. WS22384403 7/4/2007. Breeder: B Libengood & G Mull & S Oliver. By CH Bravehart's Drakkar V Oasis/ Ch GMC Caleb's Redeeming Love. OWNER: Mr. Gerry Mull and Bambi Libengood
2 20 BRAVEHART'S FLASHDANCE GMC. WS22384404 7/4/2007. Breeder: Bambi Libengood Greey Mull Sandra Oliver. By Ch. Bravehart's Drakkar V Oasis/ Ch. GMC Caleb's Redeeming Love. OWNER: Mrs. Bambi Libengood
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. American Bred Bitches.
1 16 BOLERO BLIND FAITH V DEERFIELD. WS17525203 5/24/2006. Breeder: Ray & Nancy Denny, Darlene Wallace. By Ch. Ravenswoods Azure Sky/ Ch. Gormae's Cashmere V Bolero. OWNER: John Addison and Keith Schultz,Nancy Denny (Agent: Kathy Caton-Eiler).
2 26 GORRMAE'S INVICTA VIKEAN. WS18077802 6/23/2006. Breeder: Lori Gorr. By Ch. Vikean's VanGuard V D'oro/ Ch. Gormae's Absolutely D'vine. OWNER: Nancy Gordon and Wm. Gordon, Loretta Gorr (Agent: Jim Harbert).
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. Open Bitches, Black.
1 22 GNR BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY. WS177941/08 5/29/2006. Breeder: Davida Roof, DVM and Jordan Goldblatt. By Ch. Eastwick's Meadow Monster/ Ch. GNR Girls Got Ryythm. OWNER: Linda Best and D. Roof/J. Goldblatt
DOBERMAN PINSCHERS, Best of Breed/Variety Competition
C 8 CALEB'S MY REDEEMER LIVES. WS10026802 9/11/2004. Breeder: Laura Jones & Gerry Mull. By Ch. Eisamar's Over The Top/ Ch. Caleb's Road To Redemption.Bitch. OWNER: Mrs. Bambi Libengood and Laura Jones
C 9 CH. SUNDOWN'S COMANCHEE RAIDER. WS11441902 1/12/2005. Breeder: Ken Herrman and Joan Katz. By Ch. Dabney's Phenomenon/ Ch. Gallent's Midnight Fiesta V Ciden.Dog. OWNER: Ms. Joan Katz and K.Herman,Sam & Ann Moceri (Agent: William Barron).
B 11 CH. NIKLBY'S PROOF I'M POPULAR. WS12580802 4/5/2005. Breeder: Betty & Ashley Cuzzolino. By Ch. Niklby's Black By Popular Demand, CD, RE/ Ch. Niklby's Proof I'm Special.Dog. OWNER: Kelly Lockwood and B. & A. Cuzzolino (Agent: Kimberley Pastella Calvacca, AKC DHG).
C 12 CH. CATAWBA'S BLACK MAGIC WOMAN. WS13526101 4/20/2005. Breeder: Susan Miller & Tim Dean. By Ch. Jarve's Ebenzezer Scrooge/ Ch. Catawba's Can't Buy A Thrill, CD.Bitch. OWNER: Susan Miller
OS 14 CH. PARADIGM SIERRA SUNRISE. WS12018401 11/9/2004. Breeder: Mike Penny & R. & L. Jenevein. By Ch. Chez d No Holds Barred/ Paradigm Protagonist.Bitch. OWNER: Madge Harrison (Agent: Jeff Arch).