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   Tuesday, January 06, 2009 ··· 10:05:07 AM
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Show Winning Code Key
RW = Reserve Winner W  = Winner
OS = Best of Opposite Sex BW = Best of Winners
A  = Absent B  = Best of Breed
C  = Count BIS = Best In Show




^ Regular Classes
Judge: Mrs. Barbara G. Pepper (KCBII-Sat)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/2) 2-(4/4) 3-(5/6) 4-(6/8) 5-(9/13)
1/W/BW 5 STARKEEPER MCENROE OF LIMERICK. HP21729112 6/22/2006. Breeder: Linda Souza and Jamie Souza-Bartlett. By Ch. Taryn Tate of Limerick, SC/ Ch.Halle of Limerick. OWNER: Ms. Jocelyne Gagne
IRISH WOLFHOUNDS. Bred By Exhibitor Bitches.
1/W 10 GLENAMADDA STARKEEPER U R ZADA. HP15909901 11/13/2004. Breeder: Dr. Susan M.L. Prokopenko & Jocelyne Gagne. By Ch. Arannwood Viking/ Ch. Starkeeper Glenamadda Realtan. OWNER: Dr. Susan Prokopenko and Jocelyne Gagne
IRISH WOLFHOUNDS. American Bred Bitches.
A 6 KELLCASTLE GLORY WILL TAKE YOU. HP19546803 1/26/2006. Breeder: Anne Spalding. By Ch. Kellcastle Gryffindor Seeker/ Ch. Kellcastle Re Margue. OWNER: J. Zirnheld and A. Spalding (Agent: Bob Banks).
3 14 ERINWOOD SATU MARE WILLOWISP. HP06392603 7/21/2003. Breeder: Pamela Paloma. By Ch. Aurum Von Der Sillerquelle/ Oktawia Wind Composition. OWNER: Ms. Therese Banas (Agent: Lori Eberl).
2 20 XENA OF TIR NA NOG. HP23972602 10/10/2003. Breeder: Rainer Sticht. By Sean of TIR NA NOG/ Rachel of TIR NA NOG. OWNER: Ms. Pamela Menth and Rainer Sticht
1/RW 26 GABRIELS STARKEEPER JAYDE. HP07929102 12/2/2003. Breeder: Carol Gabriel. By Ch. Oxmoon Brogan of Limerick/ Ch. Gabriel's Greta of Oxmoon. OWNER: Ms. Jocelyne Gagne
IRISH WOLFHOUNDS, Best of Breed/Variety Competition
OS 7 CH. SHERWOOD'S LITTLE JOHN. HP173709/02 6/29/2005. Breeder: Sherwood P. Prawel III. By Ch. Wolfhaven Gotta Bossanova/ Ch. Sherwood's Abracadabra.Dog. OWNER: Mr. Sherwood P. Prawel III
B 8 CH. STARKEEPER GLENAMADDA REALTAN. HP04165201 7/27/2002. Breeder: Judith P Ryan and Jocelyne Gagne. By Ch. ArMaitiu Niall Caille of Eagle/ Starkeeper Orion Na Wolfhaven.Bitch. OWNER: Dr. Susan Prokopenko and Jocelyne Gagne
C 12 DC CARRICKANEENA AN DUN, SC. HP16495201 6/5/2005. Breeder: Eileen M. & Eileen B. Flanagan. By Ch. Carrickaneena Tigernach/ DC Carrickaneena Dromara, MC, LCX, FCh.Bitch. OWNER: Patrick & Darlene Walker and Eileen M&EileenB Flanagan
C 16 CH. ERINWOOD CLOSSONGREY SMOKE'N MIRRORS. HP09353902 3/22/2004. Breeder: Miriam Couto & Pam Paloma. By Ch. Fortune Race Finn Shannon/ Ch. Erinwood Whynsome Of Eagle.Bitch. OWNER: Miriam Couto and David Couto (Agent: Elizabeth Salewsky).