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   Monday, January 05, 2009 ··· 8:16:50 PM
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^ Regular Classes
Judge: Mrs. Barbara G. Pepper (KCBII-Sat)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/2) 2-(5/6) 3-(7/9) 4-(8/11) 5-(11/15)
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED). 12 - 18 Month Dogs.
1/RW 5 STONERIVERS REGAL HEIR, ML. HP25345903 12/5/2006. Breeder: Vicki Stone, Guy Jeavons & Mark McMillan. By Pamadron Mister Bean/ Grandgables Lovin' Spoonful, ML. OWNER: Deanna Maholsic
1/W 9 GLOBUS' SUNSHINE OF MY LIFE. HP010680/02 12/16/2001. Breeder: Kathleen & Ronald Globus. By Ch. Ralins Barrow Boy/ Globus' Lily Go Lightly. OWNER: Kathleen Globus and Ronald Globus (Agent: Jan Plank).
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED). Puppy 6 to 9 Month Bitches.
1 6 DACHSADORE IM ANGELROSE TISH L. HP26299408 6/22/2007. Breeder: Kim Bessinger. By Ch. Tudox Im Sumkina Guy L/ Sydney Silver Sky. OWNER: Ms. Kim Bessinger
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED). Puppy 9 to 12 Month Bitches.
1 18 OLD HANOVER'S GIFT OF GAB (ML). HP24924801 2/7/2009. Breeder: Linda J. Beamer. By Ch. Grand Gables Wolf Whistle, ML/ Old Hanover's Hot N' Spicey, ML. OWNER: Linda J. Beamer (Agent: Tara Krieger Hartman, AKC).
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED). 12 - 18 Month Bitches.
1 20 ERISKA'S ELFIN GHOST. HP26819901 8/1/2006. Breeder: Dianne Ritchie. By Eriska's The Phantom/ Eriska's Ghost Dancer. OWNER: Barbara Welch (Agent: Peter Scott).
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED). Open Bitches, Miniature.
4 10 PORTHS LADY LINDY, ML. HP23135503 9/3/2006. Breeder: Melissa Porth. By Sniffntels Country Squire, ML/ Sniffntells Wroyal Saranade. OWNER: Mrs. Karin Sommer (Agent: Tara Krieger Hartman, AKC).
3 14 PINEWIND SIENNA SUNSHADOW, ML. HP10624201 6/25/2004. Breeder: Karen A. Williams. By Ch. Honeybun Packer's Chips Ahoy, ML/ Pinewind's Mocha Melody, ML, NAJ. OWNER: Karen A. Williams
C 16 RHYNSTONE GONE WITH THE WIND. HP23824905 10/30/2006. Breeder: Karen Wnek. By Ch. Neepache's Boxcar Willie/ Ch. Neepachee's Sole'. OWNER: Joyce Urban
1/W/BW 22 Y'KNOT FANCY THAT, ML. HP24672502 11/22/2006. Breeder: Monica Urbanczyk & Derryll A. Packer. By Packer's Captive Heart/ Ch. Packer's Fancy Pants. OWNER: Monica Urbanczyk and Carol Gefell
2 26 NEPACHEE'S GABRIELLA. HM998429/01 9/15/2000. Breeder: Betty & William L. McHugh. By Nepachee's Shortbred Blackjack/ Nepachee's Foxfire. OWNER: Betty McHugh and William L. McHugh (Agent: Shelley McHugh-Boumans).
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED). Open Bitches, Standard.
1/RW 28 DACHALL'S LUNE DE MIEL, SL. HP26773501 1/18/2006. Breeder: Lynda Rail Caisse. By Ch. Dachall's Fortune in Gold, SL/ Dachall N Fabert Secretcopy, SL. OWNER: Judee Garratt (Agent: Lynda Torrance).
DACHSHUNDS (LONGHAIRED), Best of Breed/Variety Competition
B 7 CH. BEACHON HILL TEQUILA MANHATTAN. HP13223401 11/12/2004. Breeder: Becky England & Nancy Turner. By Ch. Homars Havana Joe/ Ch. Beacon Hill Robin V Turner.Dog. OWNER: Christine Heitzmann and Nancy Turner (Agent: Kathy Caton-Eiler).
OS 24 CH. GLOBUS' LILY GO LIGHTLY. HM890249/02 3/8/2000. Breeder: Kathleen & Ronald Globus. By Ch. Globus' Timothy Timeout/ Sniffntells Desert Orchid.Bitch. OWNER: Ronald Globus and Kathleen Globus (Agent: Jan Plank).