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RW = Reserve Winner W  = Winner
OS = Best of Opposite Sex BW = Best of Winners
A  = Absent B  = Best of Breed
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^ Regular Classes
Judge: Mrs. Janice M. Provenzano (KCBII-Sat)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/2) 2-(8/8) 3-(13/14) 4-(18/21) 5-(27/34)
SETTERS (IRISH). Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.
1/RW 17 QUAILFIELDS WHO GOES THERE. SR23358201 9/13/2004. Breeder: Patricia Nagel & Mary Burr. By Ch. Quailfields Makin' Business/ Quailfields Who's Kiddn' Who. OWNER: Patricia Nagel and Joseph & Mary Burr
SETTERS (IRISH). American Bred Dogs.
1 7 REDRIDGE GHOST CRUISE RYDER. SR27006902 6/16/2005. Breeder: Lissa L. Tiffany. By Ch. Kerry-Eire Believable/ Ch. Redridge Mission For Moonlight Dessert. OWNER: Shirley Bonanducci and Lissa L. Tiffany
1/W 9 HONEYROCK LIGHT J.S. BACH. SN863327/05 6/25/2001. Breeder: Jann White. By Ch. Arab Irish Monte Hall/ Ch. Honeyrock Faberge'. OWNER: Donald Meminger (Raly#: 517) (Raly#: 913)
3 11 BRYNSTONE AS GOOD AS IT GETS. SR33167306 2/2/2006. Breeder: Barbara Popyk, Sharon Schafer, Katherine Wheatley & Debra Davis. By Ch. Rockherin America's Cup/ Ch. Rockherin Curtain Call. OWNER: Sharon Schafer and B. Popyk & S. Schafer
2 15 SETTERWOODS FORTHELOVE OF IT, CD, RA. SR15175303 2/13/2004. Breeder: Peter & Arlene Pilcer. By Ch. Cameo Olympic Medalist, UDX, JH, NA, RAE/ Ch. Setterwoods Magic DeBut, JH, NA, OAJ. OWNER: Robin Willey and Arlene Pilcer
A 19 QUAILFIELD'S WHO'S MAK'N PROMISES. SR23358204 9/13/2004. Breeder: Patricia Nagel & Mary Burr. By Ch. Quailfield Mak'N Business/ Quailfield's Who's Kidd'N Who. OWNER: Miss Michelle Davis and Patrica Nagel
SETTERS (IRISH). 12 - 18 Month Bitches.
1/W/BW 8 SHADAGEE RED DELICIOUS. SR38216908 11/15/2006. Breeder: Debra Burke, Timothy Burke, Ellen Rieler. By Ch. Kerry Eire Beleivable/ Ch. Jewelset Sunny Side Up. OWNER: Joan Staby and D. Burke/S. Lemke
SETTERS (IRISH). Novice Bitches.
1 10 BRANDYROSE DIAMOND SHOWCASE. SR30421305 11/5/2005. Breeder: Caitlyn Glick & Lory Glick. By Ch. Pin Oak Medal of Valor/ Ch. Jewelset's Hopes and Dreams. OWNER: Debra Christy (Agent: Lee Spencer).
SETTERS (IRISH). Bred By Exhibitor Bitches.
1 18 FYRESIDE GOOD LUCK TOAST. SR219632/02 10/13/2004. Breeder: Betty Bussey, Carol Ravina-Huegen, Fran Huegen Jr. & Cyndi Bussey. By Ch. Ramblin Red Criminally Insane/ Ch. Fyreside Hot Toddy O'Shamrok. OWNER: Carol Ravina-Huegen and Fran Huegen Jr.
SETTERS (IRISH). American Bred Bitches.
2 12 MYSTIQUE'S NIK OF TIME. SR23903003 2/20/2005. Breeder: Patricia Wohlforth & Pamela Wohlforth. By Ch. Jewelset's Up To No Good/ Ch. Shangrila's Ray Of Light. OWNER: Lee I. Spencer
1 14 BRYNSTONE MISS GOODIE TWO SHOES. SR33167307 2/1/2006. Breeder: Barbara Popyk, Sharon Schafer, Katherine Wheatley & Debbie Davis. By Ch. Rockherin America's Cup,RN/ Ch. Rockherin Curtain Call. OWNER: Barbara Popyk and Sharon Schafer
SETTERS (IRISH). Open Bitches.
1/RW 20 QUAILFIELD'S UPTOWN GIRL. SR28957202 5/15/2005. Breeder: Georgianne Carney & Richie Redaelli. By Ch. Quailfield Mak'n Business/ Ch. Dancin's Brown Eyed Girl. OWNER: Patricia Nagel and G. Carney (Agent: Missy Davis).
3 22 QUAILFIELD WHO'S KISS'N HER NOW. SR23358202 9/13/2004. Breeder: Patricia Nagel & Mary Burr. By Ch. Quailfield Mak'n Business/ Quailfield Who's Kiddn' Who. OWNER: Heather Lewinski and Patty Nagel
4 24 DEVLIN'S WHISPER OF SNOW TIME. SR24751507 3/11/2005. Breeder: Mary E. Diesem. By Ch. Beaubriar Showtime at Devlin, JH/ Ch. Devlin's Savannah. OWNER: Ms. Deborah Wright (Agent: Sharon Bianchi).
2 28 CRIMSONACRE TALISMAN. SR31641401 4/17/2005. Breeder: Ron Perry. By Ch. Muldoon Darby of Crimsonacre/ Crimsonacre Satin Doll. OWNER: Mr. Ron Perry
SETTERS (IRISH), Best of Breed/Variety Competition
B 5 CH. JEWELSET'S UP TO NO GOOD. SR040602/05 10/1/2002. Breeder: Sharon Reilly, Kim Velletri & Julie Walters. By Ch. Saxonys Snow In August/ Ch. Jewelsets Special Attraction.Dog. OWNER: Pat Wohlfarth (Agent: Krista Musil, AKC).
OS 6 CH. JEWELSETS SPLIT SECOND. SR20917102 9/27/2004. Breeder: Sharon Reilly, Julie Waters, Kim Velletri. By Ch. Saxonys Snow In August/ Ch. Jewelsets Special Attraction.Bitch. OWNER: Julie Waters and K. Velletri, S. Reilly (Agent: Jeff Arch).