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   Sunday, October 10, 2010 ··· 6:39:29 AM
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Best Junior Handler

1/BJH 11 CH. CHATEAU BLANC I'M COYOTE TROUBLE, RE, TD, HT, NAJ, NAP, NF. DN10543701 3/4/2005. Breeder: Carlyn Draneas & Janina Laurin. By Ch. Starwind's Indiana Jones/ Ch. Chateau Blanc's Diva, CDX, PT, OA, OAJ. BELGIAN TERVUREN. OWNER: Kate Eldredge and Janina Laurin Junior Handler: ?Kate Eldredge (19901222001) (Conf#: 6)

Judge: Mrs. Gale Young (KKC-Thu)
Judge: Mrs. Gale Young (KKC-Thu)
1 6 LAST DONS CROCCIFIXIO WILOROSE, RN. TR37220502 4/6/2005. Breeder: Deborah R. Beer and Dan M. Beer. By Dandee Precious Rue's Boo/ Dandee My Prize Marti. SHIH TZU. OWNER: Ms. Stormi Reilly and Rose Hanes Junior Handler: ?Ashley Vasta (12986624001)
2 12 MING UE LI'S REESE DANCING ON A STAR. TR66945002 3/24/2007. Breeder: Rise Gabes. By Last Dons Croccifixio Wilarose/ Angel Ming Ue Li Willow Rose. SHIH TZU. OWNER: Kimberly Markowicz Junior Handler: ?Maya Markowicz (98164226002)
A 28 TOTANA PIPER HILLS GO ZAFRA. DN11970506 9/8/2005. Breeder: Frank A Lopez & Barbara W Lopez. By Ch. Denridge's Lord of the Rings/ Totana's Xara of Piper Hill. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. OWNER: Mrs. Jodi Distilli and Barbara Lopez Junior Handler: ?Devin Distilli (18210956001) (Conf#: 24)
A 8 CH. SCRUBBY CREEKS STATESMAN. DN08378901 8/16/2004. Breeder: Mark Bamberry & Veronica Moscoe. By Turella Blue Cheiftan/ Ch. Kominalong Superkate ASAS. AUSTRALIAN CATTLE DOGS. OWNER: Mark Bamberry and V. Moscoe & J. Freeborn Junior Handler: ?Jonathan Freeborn (4062438001) (Conf#: 7)
A 25 XO'S PURE ENERGY. HP15597006 1/5/2005. Breeder: Lori Evans. By Ch. XO Spectacular Spectacular/ Ch. Faouziah's Bohemia, SC. PHARAOH HOUNDS. OWNER: Kathryn Carella and Brittany S. Carella Junior Handler: ?Brittany S. Carella (81852777000) (Conf#: 6)
2 18 MELMAR PARTY LINE. NP016931/06 10/29/2002. Breeder: Mary & Harold Hartman. By Ch. Dragonhold Party of Five/ Ch. Lorac Ambrier Crown Jewel. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Colleen Longly and M. & H. Hartman Junior Handler: ?Colleen Longley (38538413001)
1 31 TASHI'S ROXY. NP17084105 6/15/2007. Breeder: Charlene Wagner and Sandra Moyer. By CH Merryways Midnight Magic Myst/ Mt. Breeze Charles Angel. TIBETAN TERRIERS. OWNER: Jonathan Pennella and Sandra Moyer Junior Handler: ?Jonathan Pennella (33793257002) (Conf#: 14)
1 9 CH. TEECO'S TEXAS TWO STEP. WP965991/01 1/7/2000. Breeder: Margaret Cook & Kim Holmes. By Teeco's Routee Rottee Piper/ Teeco's Strip Teeze. SIBERIAN HUSKIES. OWNER: Kim Holmes and J. Brueckner & M. Cook Junior Handler: ?Julia Bruekner (85271719001)
C 10 WOODSIDE JUBILATEEYEOFTHETYGER. DN08009201 11/28/2003. Breeder: Sandy L. Anderson. By Giliano's Woodside Dhominator/ Hi Cliff Regal V Woodside. GERMAN SHEPHERD DOGS. OWNER: Ms. Carenza Rosa and Rebecca Little Junior Handler: ?Carenza Rosa (99495294005) (Conf#: 7)
C 15 CH. BRIARPATCH GREAT BALL O'FIRE, NA, NAJ. SN804539/01 12/15/2000. Breeder: Mary Frances Beardsley. By Rosewynde's Magic Carpet Ride/ Ch. Briarpatch Shining Star. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Elizabeth Brate and Patricia Stevens-Brate Junior Handler: ?Lizzy Brate (19940407002) (Conf#: 7)
3 17 CH. WESTVIEW SANDHILL NEXT APPRENTICE. NP11680902 8/20/2005. Breeder: Michelle Maynard & Connie Buckland. By Ch. Bio Bios Modern Talking/ Ch. Ambriew Westview Sandhill Cholla. TIBETAN SPANIELS. OWNER: Miss Heather Longley and Chrys Longley Junior Handler: ?Heather Longley (19940507001) (Conf#: 19)
C 19 ST'S ENEE BRINDLE MYNEE OH. DL81383609 10/18/1999. Breeder: William S. Cone & Gladys M Cone & Nancy L Cone. By Ch. Nab's Tri Seven Come Eleven/ Phi-Vestavia Ebony-Not. CARDIGAN WELSH CORGI. OWNER: Miss Courtney Hays and Kathleen Hays Junior Handler: ?Courtney Hays (96132262002)
2 21 GMEE STARFOX KNIGHT CHA-RISH. WS18242607 7/6/2006. Breeder: Margaret Mee. By Ch. Cha-Rish Star Quest Blu-J's/ Ch. Baden Baden Tootsie. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. OWNER: Leah Ramsey and Linda Ramsey Junior Handler: ?Leah Ramsey (39123437002) (Conf#: 17)
C 22 CH. OAK DALE'S LAS VEGAS. DN05729401 12/14/2003. Breeder: Sandy Detrick & Jon Gibbs. By Ch. Shield Crest Nevada/ Ch. Oak Dale's Dream Maker. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Sandy Detrick and Jon Gibbs, Kelly Reppert Junior Handler: ?Kelly Reppert (88983608003)
4 33 WHINDANCER'S LUCKY BOUNCE. RM372273/01 10/2/2002. Breeder: Susan Ratliffe & Ruth & Peter Kouides. By Ch. Honelee's Bye My Fair Whind/ Whindancer's Teastaigh An Cara. SOFT COATED WHEATEN TERRIERS. OWNER: Susan Ratliffe and Art Miller, Abby Kochan Junior Handler: ? ()
A 34 BIGSTAR'S REFLECTIONS R OF THIS. NP17578701 7/3/2007. Breeder: Lesa Manoskey & Nicholle Hoke. By Ch Ripplingwater's Adirondack/ Ch Bridgecreek's Dreams R of This. FRENCH BULLDOGS. OWNER: Miss Rachel Ertle and Lesa Manoskey Junior Handler: ?Rachel Ertle (54335594004) (Conf#: 22)
1/BJH 11 CH. CHATEAU BLANC I'M COYOTE TROUBLE, RE, TD, HT, NAJ, NAP, NF. DN10543701 3/4/2005. Breeder: Carlyn Draneas & Janina Laurin. By Ch. Starwind's Indiana Jones/ Ch. Chateau Blanc's Diva, CDX, PT, OA, OAJ. BELGIAN TERVUREN. OWNER: Kate Eldredge and Janina Laurin Junior Handler: ?Kate Eldredge (19901222001) (Conf#: 6)
A 16 CH. LAMZ VIVA LAS VEGAS, RA, JE. RN02558901 5/30/2003. Breeder: Shirley Gorman. By Ch. Angels Blue Walter Boy/ Ch. Camerata M'Lady Blue Samantha. BEDLINGTON TERRIERS. OWNER: Ms. Laurie Zembrzuski and Gabrielle Gilbeau Junior Handler: ?Ryan Gilbeau (19930526002) (Conf#: 9)
3 23 CH. SIGNET'S FIRST CLASS TRAVLER. DN03141305 3/31/2003. Breeder: R. Tehon, C. Ardizzone, L. Jeszewski. By Ch. Signet's Twice is Nice/ Ch. Highcroft Collairine Latte. COLLIES. OWNER: Michael Esch and Teresa Esch, C Ardizzone Junior Handler: ?Bree Anne Ardizzone (19921230001) (Conf#: 7)
4 27 CH. TITAN'S TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. SR36140403 7/11/2006. Breeder: Peggy Schmidt & Ginger Sammonds. By Ch. Bayview N Tivoliz CPR CRK Ben, JH/ Ch. Titan's League Of Her Own, CD, RN, JH, OA, AXJ. VIZSLAS. OWNER: Brittany Stout and A. Stout & P. Schmidt Junior Handler: ?Brittany Stout (19911217003) (Conf#: 9)
A 32 FREEDOM'S LADY OF CASULL. TR61901204 1/27/2007. Breeder: Linda M. Freed. By Ch. WooWoo Achy Braky Heart/ Freedom's Magic Moment. PUGS. OWNER: Mrs. Annie Sullivan and Cassi Sullivan Junior Handler: ?Cassi Sullivan (46829870002) (Conf#: 22)
2 35 CH. CAPTIVA'S TURN BACK TIME. SR25363601 6/5/2004. Breeder: Jill Taylor. By Ch. Captiva's Ride With The Wind/ Ch. Captiva Driftwood Fongere Ruby. SETTERS (IRISH). OWNER: Cindy Kerr and M.Kerr,Taylor&Rauschmeier Junior Handler: ?Kelly Rauschmeier (19920705001) (Conf#: 20)