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Best Junior Handler

1/BJH 21 DIEHARD'S WHO'S YOUR DADDY. SR17921106 4/25/2004. Breeder: Yvonne & Kelly Militello & Dave & L. Benzinger. By Ch.Thornlodge I Love Trouble/ Quailfield Peppermint Schnap. SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER). OWNER: Mr. Carl Militello and Kelly,Yvonne,Sam Militell Junior Handler: ?Kelly Militello (19890906004) (Conf#: 7)

Judge: Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter (KCB-Sun)
Judge: Mrs. Patricia V. Trotter (KCB-Sun)
A 6 KC'S PISTOL WISH FOR MILES. NP11212003 10/1/2005. Breeder: Karen Bogenholm. By Ch. SAN-D's Pistol Pete by Joevee/ Ch. KC's You Wish. BOSTON TERRIERS. OWNER: Mr. Thomas Logan and Julie Logan Junior Handler: ?Ryland Logan (16357475001) (Conf#: 5)
2 9 TLC'S MELNYK'S PEACE OF COAL, CD, RN. SR21636207 11/4/2004. Breeder: Amanda Rawson & Sue VanBuren. By Ch. Moonrise Running Back Stay/ Ch. TLC Agape's Treasure Chest, NAJ. RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED). OWNER: Mrs. Jane Melnyk and Glenn Melnyk Junior Handler: ?Brooks Melnyk (29779448003) (Conf#: 7) (Raly#: 904)
3 11 HEAVENLY'S GUARDIAN ANGELENA. TR50616301 5/20/2006. Breeder: Barbara Hossler, William Hossler. By Ch. Eis Baer's Prince Of Cameron/ Halfmoon's Halley's Comet. CAVALIER KING CHARLES SPANIELS. OWNER: Ford Hossler and Lisa Cayo-Hossler Junior Handler: ?Ford Hossler (76992136005) (Conf#: 6)
A 20 TAJAMANI'S RAJA OF NAJAHARI. HP19258604 11/29/2005. Breeder: Mary E. Gauthier Teeling & Michael Teeling. By Ch. Kwetu Mahubah's Fairplay/ Ch. Countyline's Pandora By Tajamani. RHODESIAN RIDGEBACKS. OWNER: Sharon Yost Junior Handler: ?Heather Yost (22158704003) (Conf#: 23)
1 29 JK'S SIR CHESTER OF CHADENSALL. DN14278208 4/22/2006. Breeder: Kathie Berg. By Sheep's Kin Get the Point/ JK's One Tough Cookie. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Mrs. Denise Hull and Kathy Berg Junior Handler: ?Lucas Hull (50112804002)
4 39 STETLANDS CHANGE OF HEART. RN12804604 9/17/1996. Breeder: Teri Nyari. By Ch. Emred Rising Sun/ Hestia Del Dolcezza Del Movimento. BULL TERRIERS. OWNER: Teri Nyari Junior Handler: ?Tyler John Stetson (73387701002) (Conf#: 6)
3 8 BLACFRIAR MELNYKS ANTHRICITE, RN. SR32194902 2/3/2006. Breeder: Dorothy B. Selle, Rachel T. Hill. By Ch. Shadentans Bugel Boy/ Ch. Blacfriar As You Like It, CD. RETRIEVERS (FLAT-COATED). OWNER: Jane Melnyk and Glenn Melnyk Junior Handler: ?Libby Melnyk (85082105006) (Conf#: 8)
2 19 SNOWY HILL BUBBLY CREAM SODA. WS14810105 8/24/2005. Breeder: Carol & John Heffley. By Ch. Pendragon Don't Noc The Rock/ Ch. Maplewinds Sweet Mercedes. MASTIFFS. OWNER: Mrs. Dora Coolbaugh and Sara Coolbaugh Junior Handler: ?Sara Coolbaugh (19940121001) (Conf#: 8)
1 36 WINDKISTANZI'SLUIGITHELOVER. HP23863405 11/11/2006. Breeder: Leah Bertgnolli. By Ch. Windkist Lanbur Be Cool/ Ch. Windkist Afternoon Delight. BEAGLES. OWNER: Mr. Stephano Anzalone and Wendy Anzalone Junior Handler: ?Stephano Anzalone (78086145002) (Conf#: 7)
1 14 NONNIES JUST IN CASE. SU133502 10/24/2006. Breeder: Vickie Umpleby. By Especially Carnaby Carfrae/ Nonnies Merrymayer Betsy. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Susan Emerson and Vickie Umpleby Junior Handler: ?Susan Emerson (98837638001)
3 24 CANAMI SUPERNOVA. DN09932201 12/25/2004. Breeder: Erin Schaefer & Jane Baldwin. By Ch. GrandGables Black Street Boy/ Canami's First Love. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Tracy Carter and Erin Davis Junior Handler: ?Emily Carter (19960328001) (Conf#: 9)
C 25 MISTY VALLEY'S COLBY JACK. SR33162402 1/27/2006. Breeder: Scott Kellerhall. By Kingscroft Its Miller Time/ Ch. Kingscroft Haley's Comet. POINTERS. OWNER: Mrs. Lu O. Castro and Jessica Gannon & Jonathon Junior Handler: ?Mikala Gannon (88417532001)
2 27 CH. DEVITA'S EYE OF THE STORM KB. TR49730507 1/23/2006. Breeder: K. Balazs. By Ch. DeVita's April's Storm Cloud/ LosPerritos A Promise Kept. HAVANESE. OWNER: Ruthellen Viall and Claudia DeVita Junior Handler: ?Roger P. Krieger (99910645001) (Conf#: 16)
A 33 GOLDREST ENCHANTED WITCHYWOMAN. DN14412101 3/23/2006. Breeder: Tina Beck & Jann Grant. By Ch. McMatt's EZ Victor/ Canyon Oaks Hugs N Kisses. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Karen L. Dake and Tina Beck Junior Handler: ?Madeline Dake (38538413003) (Conf#: 22)
A 34 CANAMI CASHMERE. DL89947906 11/7/2001. Breeder: Amanda Inzinnna. By Wesmoor Billie The Kidd/ Canami Imperial Dark Secret. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Amanda Inzinna Junior Handler: ?Stuart Inzinna (00989849070) (Conf#: 16)
4 37 OLKABAR TEBO ALL FOR ONE. TR52671201 6/15/2006. Breeder: Kathleen Thibault & Barry M. Tompkins. By Ch. Loranne In Do Time Tebo/ Ch. Tebo Million Dollar Baby. ITALIAN GREYHOUNDS. OWNER: Mr. Barry M. Tompkins and K. Thibault, K. & O. Pine Junior Handler: ?Olivia Pine (63795986002) (Conf#: 8)
2 16 CH. HI TOR FOR YOUR EYES ONLY. HP16210302 6/11/2005. Breeder: Debbie Lutsch & Brigitte Lutsch. By Hi Tor Rippleton Diamond/ Hi Tor Chosen By Chance. WHIPPETS. OWNER: Debbie Lutsch and Brigitte Lutsch Junior Handler: ?Brigitte Lutsch (19930901002) (Conf#: 9)
1 17 HORIZON'S CATCH ME IF YOU CAN. DN01301208 8/2/2002. Breeder: Marcia Stiger. By Ch. Briarbrooks Full Speed Ahead, PT/ Ch. Kaleidoscopes Bit Of Heaven. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Ms. Caitlyn Weinert and Helena McNeil Junior Handler: ?Caitlyn Weinert (50242794003) (Conf#: 11)
C 22 BRIARPATCH GREAT BALL O'FIRE. SN804539/01 12/15/2000. Breeder: Mary Frances Beardsley. By Rosewynde's Magic Carpet Ride/ Ch. Briarpatch Shining Star. SPANIELS (ENGLISH COCKER). OWNER: Elizabeth Brate and Patricia Stevens-Brate Junior Handler: ?Lizzy Brate (19940407002)
4 23 BEARSCAMP'S SPANISH VACQUERO. WS19579801 9/18/2006. Breeder: Mary Lou & William Cuddy. By Ch. Show De La Baie De Pempoul/ Versailles Bearscamp De L'Iliade Et L'Odyssee. NEWFOUNDLANDS. OWNER: Jessica Schell and Mary Lou Cuddy Junior Handler: ? () (Conf#: 9)
C 26 CH. LADA'S HEAT WAVE. SR02741702 7/13/2002. Breeder: Marilyn Fitzthum & Melissa Wolfe. By Ch. Coffee's Moonstone Ramsey, CDX, MH/ Ch. Barben's Top Billing. VIZSLAS. OWNER: Mrs. Marilyn Fitzthum and & Jonathon Greig Junior Handler: ?Jonathon Greig (19940421002)
C 28 CH. LADA'S SAY GOODNIGHT GRACIE, JH. SN85651006 7/14/2001. Breeder: Marilyn Fitzthum & Melissa Wolfe & Karen Fischesser. By Ch. Coffee's Moonstone Ramsey/ Ch. Barben's Top Billing. VIZSLAS. OWNER: Mrs. Marilyn Fitzthum and Melissa Wolfe Junior Handler: ?Jessica Gannon (72404270001)
C 30 QUAILFIELD'S WHO IT MAY CONCERN. SR23358203 9/13/2004. Breeder: Patricia Nagel & Mary Burr. By Ch. Quailfield Mak'N Business/ Quailfield's Who's Kidd'n who. SETTERS (IRISH). OWNER: Patricia Nagel Junior Handler: ?Shelby Frew (57098606003) (Conf#: 24)
3 31 TRAVLER'S MUSTANG SALLY. DN15963002 7/31/2006. Breeder: R. Tehon, C. Ardizzone, BA Ardizzone, G. Lewis. By Ch. Marnus Lucky Strike/ Ch. Travler's Liberty Sport. COLLIES. OWNER: Rebecca Tehone and C & BA Ardizzone, G Lewis Junior Handler: ?Bree Anne Ardizzone (19921230001) (Conf#: 12)
C 35 PRINCESS ELLIE OF OHIO. SR17524003 5/16/2004. Breeder: Sandra Sando. By Sando's Sir Taynor/ Sando's Maggie Mae. SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER). OWNER: Carl J. Rimer Junior Handler: ?Paige Rimer (64669203001)
C 38 TRIADEL'S LAST TANGO V DIAMAS. WS18464107 5/30/2006. Breeder: Karen Van Brummelen & Kathrin King. By Ch. Triadel's Hot Vanilla/ Ch. Kings Black Orchid V Diamas. DOBERMAN PINSCHERS. OWNER: Janet Schultz and Kailey Schultz Junior Handler: ?Kailey Schultz (19931029001) (Conf#: 9)
4 7 ARBORVIEW DISCOVER THE MAGIC. DN14271401 3/23/2006. Breeder: Karen M. Mallory. By Ch. Horizon's Deja Blue/ Ch. Falllfire & Arbor View Talk Sho Gal. AUSTRALIAN SHEPHERDS. OWNER: Stephanie Agone Junior Handler: ?Stephanie Agone (19901106006) (Conf#: 6)
3 12 EVERGREEN'S LET IT SNOW. sr32206904 12/20/2005. Breeder: Edward Anderson & Rochelle Andonian. By Ch. Hytree's Blue I's Cryn in the Rain/ Evergreen's It's All About Me. RETRIEVERS (GOLDEN). OWNER: Meagan M. Lamendola and J. Lamendola Junior Handler: ?Meagan M. LaMendola (19900205001)
C 13 KYLADOR'S FLYING HIGH DUNCAN. SR29998301 5/9/2002. Breeder: Lillian M. Greesides & Karen Lynn Wright. By Cayuga's Montana Tanner/ Kylador's Karma Kamelia, CD. RETRIEVERS (NOVA SCOTIA DUCK TOLLING). OWNER: Betty Steinbock and Lillian Greensides Junior Handler: ?Elissa Steinbock (14972447001) (Conf#: 5)
2 15 HANNAH O'DAMAR, TDI, AX, AXJ. DN06174701 4/1/2001. Breeder: Marilyn Scharff. By Ch. Kell Picasso/ Damars Nite Flight. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Ms. Deanna Maholsic Junior Handler: ?Megan Maholsic (9901125005)
C 18 CONVOY JOY LIMITED EDITION. DN06277202 3/6/2004. Breeder: Carole Lee Mini. By JJ's Teddybear/ Limited Edition Lexus. PEMBROKE WELSH CORGI. OWNER: Alicia Coolbaugh and Dora L. Coolbaugh Junior Handler: ?Alicia Coolbaugh (19911216003)
1/BJH 21 DIEHARD'S WHO'S YOUR DADDY. SR17921106 4/25/2004. Breeder: Yvonne & Kelly Militello & Dave & L. Benzinger. By Ch.Thornlodge I Love Trouble/ Quailfield Peppermint Schnap. SPANIELS (ENGLISH SPRINGER). OWNER: Mr. Carl Militello and Kelly,Yvonne,Sam Militell Junior Handler: ?Kelly Militello (19890906004) (Conf#: 7)
C 32 CANAMI BLUE BLAZER, CD, RAE, NA, OAJ. DN02067201 12/13/2002. Breeder: Amanda Inzinna. By Canami Novato/ Canami Twilight Diamond Fury. SHETLAND SHEEPDOGS. OWNER: Miss Brie Ellis Junior Handler: ?Brie Ellis (1990071103) (Obed#: 212)