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   Friday, November 02, 2007 ··· 12:49:37 PM
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OS = Best of Opposite Sex BW = Best of Winners
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Judge: Mrs. Dennis (Mary Lou) Kniola (KCB-Sun)
POINTS-(Dogs/Bitches) 1-(2/2) 2-(4/4) 3-(5/7) 4-(6/9) 5-(9/12)
FRENCH BULLDOGS. 12 - 18 Month Dogs.
1/RW 7 OH GUSTAV MON ANGE JALEE. NP12983502 4/16/2006. Breeder: Jan Lee Ginther. By Ch. Le Bull's Elwood/ Mattalyn Oh Mattalyn Jalee. OWNER: Constance Payne and William Appleby
FRENCH BULLDOGS. Bred By Exhibitor Dogs.
1/W/BW 15 MORGAN MANOR SHALL WE DANCE. NP13056801 4/24/2006. Breeder: Dana Harlow & Beverly Abbott. By Ch. Morgan Manor Razzle Dazzle/ Ch. Morgan Manor Candy Bar. OWNER: Ms. Beverly Abbott
FRENCH BULLDOGS. Puppy 6 to 9 Month Bitches.
1/W/OS 8 ENCORE'S JOYFUL MASTERPIECE. NP15224204 11/8/2006. Breeder: Shirley Knaack & Martha Dobbins. By Ch. Tidewater's Monte Carlo Jackpot/ Encore's Mojo Magic Esenci. OWNER: Pennie Barber and Shirley Barber
1/RW 6 ENCORE'S MASTERPIECE OF LOVE. NP08222602 12/6/2004. Breeder: S. Knaack, M. Dobbins & E. Romain. By H. Jackpot For The Love Of Money/ Encore's Full Speed Ahead. OWNER: Pennie Barber and Shirley Barber
FRENCH BULLDOGS, Best of Breed/Variety Competition
B 5 MORGAN MANOR BILLIE THE KID. NP13056804 4/24/2006. Breeder: Beverly Abbott & Dana Harlow. By Ch. Morgan Manor Razzle Dazzle/ Ch. Morgan Manor Candy Bar.Dog. OWNER: Raebecca Smalley
C 11 ELFHILL MYSTIC'S MAGIC. NP14398602 8/18/2006. Breeder: Bob Dunn. By Ch. Morgan Manors Razzle Dazzle/ Share To Morgan Manor.Dog. OWNER: Robert Dunn